Rumor: S Malcolm Jenkins + draft pick for Darius Slay

What would you all think if this ends up happening? S Malcolm Jenkins and draft pick (let’s say 4th round) for Slay?

With our new defensive coordinator coming over from the Eagles and our previous history trading with the Eagles (Tate), this rumor may have legs.

I was told Will Harris is the Quandre Diggs replacement so this can’t be true


Making a hole to fill a not hole.

No, no, no, no…

Pay Slay.


Have to think the inclusion of Malcolm Jenkins is purely a gap filler because the Eagles won’t send the second round pick for Slay. I’m guessing that No. 85 overall would be included in such a deal to allow Quinn to save face.

But Wilson is a FA and Harris didn’t prove he can hold down the role. Strong Safety is a sneaky need.

If we do get Malcom Jenkins we should trade for Eric Reid. That alone will make for more entertainment then we got all of last year. Maybe hire Jerry Springer as a consultant to mediate.

Yes please…a 32 year old safety on the last year of his deal who will want some security to play this season on top of his $7.6 Million… instead of Slay & his $10 million and 3rd round comp pick in 2022 if played correctly if we let him leave after 2020…Please no

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When did Quinn make it clear that he was trying to trade Slay? He said he was listening to offers. What is clear is that if he wanted to get a deal for Slay HE would be offering Slay for a draft choice. Seeing what he can get, what Slay is worth on the open market, is doing due diligence in establishing his contract worth. This is just as important for Slay as it is for Quinn. I don’t see where this would work w/o a contract extension, and that’s the elephant in the room. Jenkins is on the last year of his contract so we would get a 4th rounder and a one year player at the end of his career? Boy it doesn’t get any better than that! Slay is in HIS last year but he isn’t at the end of his career. We have the ability to keep Slay for 2 years w/o a substantial difference in what he would get from a contract extension. That’s not a deal, it’s a joke.


Can’t be true. I doubt BQ would be that dumb to make this deal. If anything just trade for picks. Use the money to sign another top CB

Uhhhh, Jenkins is almost as old as Biden.

But will he take your guns away?

He’s a 33 year old DB, THAT’s like 102 in human years.

Jenkins is true leader and I promise Quinn will not get him because Jenkins will bring every nonsense to the public . They will get players like Jared Davis who are like puppets

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Only the AR-14’s, meanwhile,he will tell you he never said that, you are full of shit and you are a horse’s ass. Then, the media will ignore it. Last week you could have been a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.

So the AR-15’s are okay?

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Did you see the interviews today from Detroit? Oh boy.

Obviously it didn’t matter…yet

I totally agree but the when these points you just made were made when Diggs was traded we were told Harris was the future

Harris is the future …until he’s not …a Rookie selected in the third round (81st overall) in the 2019 NFL Draft…a player we traded up for to get… In his 14 games, five starts and 597 defensive snaps, he had 38 tackles and 2 pass breakups…a source speculating in Philly does not change that. Was he supposed to light the world on fire at #81 overall or was he a player that would need time to develop?

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Say hell no to this deal for all the reasons NewYorkLion illustrates.

The Lions could simply target a guy like Karl Joseph while giving up nothing and likely paying less that Jenkin’s salary.