Rumored 5 Teams looking to trade up to #1

I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into these rumors but It does give us some insight on who our potential trade partners might be.

  1. @Chargers
  2. @MiamiDolphins
  3. @Broncos
  4. @ChicagoBears
  5. @Buccaneers
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I would be shocked if the Bengals traded out of #1. I don’t think Burrows is the kind of QB that someone would give up their entire draft.

How can the Bears afford to trade up to #1 without a 1st round pick? They’d have to cobble together a ridiculous amount of picks, like next year’s entire draft, or 3 1st-rounders over the next 3 years or something.


Here’s another saying Tampa and Cinci in talks.

I loved this quote from the article:

“Ohio State’s Jeffrey Okudah is viewed as the No. 1 cornerback in this class, but in no way would any cornerback be worth mortgaging the future to acquire…”

Also not worth using a top 3 pick.

I am surprised Jacksonville isn’t on this list, compared to the Bears (2-2nds and nothing til 5th).

I don’t buy any of it. I am kind of surprised that any teams would have draft pick trade talks without going through free agency.

Agreed they sure do not have much ammo.

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The Bears would have to send a player or two to make it work, maybe trade their 2 2nds, Biscuit and Roquan Smith

Interesting. From what I’ve heard Burrow is very good, but he’s a little scheme dependent. So now we have 1,2, and 3 all in play perhaps, all with teams seemingly looking at a QB.

If I’m Quinn, I’m not entertaining offers from anyone below Chargers. This team needs to get better and walking away from Young and Okudah for later prospects is not the way to do it.


It’s interesting that you mention the Chargers. I just saw a newsbreak on ESPN that the Chargers and Rivers have mutually agreed to part ways. I know this was expected, but this cements it into reality now.

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This is the time of misinformation. GM’s like the Bears have nothing else to do with no picks and no cap space! The Lions have the best picks and the most cap space. It should be a good offseason!

Yeah, you have to think they are in play. That would be 3 QBs in the top 5, along with Chase Young. New York is certain to go OL. We’d have our pick between Okudah and Brown at 6. I’d take Okudah.

FYI - there’s talk that the NYG may want CB Jeff Okudah. Some think CB is a bigger need and that the NYG could go OT round 2 in this deep OT class.

That would bum me out a bit. No doubt CB is a need for them, but it’s a new era in NY with Eli gone. They better protect their guy with the best OT in the draft.

Well, Gettleman is still the GM there, so the era isn’t so new. Lol.

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Keep in mind we are talking about Gettlemen. That guy rarely makes sense… lol

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Imagine being bummed out about not being able to draft a CB top 5. Wow.

The only certain things I know are that Cincinatti is going to take a QB. The rest is all subjection. The Lions would really like to get a big package to trade down, but I think they might stay put if Young were to fall with Washington trading down for a package. NY is not set at OT unless they are chasing need over talent. You actually have to look at all of these guys to really know. Position values are real but there are busts at all positions.

99% of everything we hear between now and the draft is a lie. Don’t believe a word of it.

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