S Jayron Kearse signed


Good STer, which the Lions highly prize. Kearse is not without some issues though, from PoD:

Kearse comes with some baggage and a potential looming suspension. Last October, he was arrested after failing a sobriety test while in possession of a pistol without a permit. In February, he pleaded guilty to fourth-degree driving while intoxicated and possessions of a piston without a permit. He was sentenced to probation and community service, but there is an expectation that Kearse will still see some discipline from the league.

Given his special teams skills, Kearse will likely push for a special teams spot on the roster against the likes of C.J. Moore and Dee Virgin.

Depth. In this league, depth is a big deal and this guy offers that on defense and on ST. No telling what the league will do, but I wouldn’t expect anything too severe.

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I like he has some baggage. You need a few knuckleheads they can’t all be milk drinkers