Sam Darnold

In case you missed MNF here’s Darnold’s stat line:
11/32 84 yards 0 TDs 4INTs 1 fumble lost QBR: 3.6

One of the worst games I’ve seen from a QB, especially a top 3 pick. Not calling the kid a bust or anything but damn…


Dude needs help, for sure!

Dude fried the Cowboys 8 days ago its crazy


A lot of help… maybe including a new head coach.

Or - no one seems to be talking about it…

BB is personally running the defense as the DC/HC.

He is ten levels a Ives all other coaches

He is the reason the pats are so good this yr on Def… and crushed Sam where as others can’t!

Their upcoming schedule gets a lot easier. I expect he will have some big games coming up. Jax, Mia, NYG, Wash, Oak, Cincy, Mia

Wonder how many times the patriots Only rushed 3?

They didn’t. They pressured the hell out of him and forced bad throws which is something we should Be doing too!


If you throw for only 84 yards 0 touchdowns and commit 5 turnovers that isn’t just Hoodie. The Jets have some real issues they have to figure out and it doesn’t help when you face the goat.

He can only get better from here. :grin:

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That’s what I can’t get about Patricia.

Bill changes his scheme from week to week. Some weeks its heavy zone, heavy blitz or they drop 8 too.

We only drop 8 or 7, its weird. Teams have figured out just keep running crossers and its a wrap for this defense.

He must have seen ghosts!

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Looked good enough to torch Fatty Matty Patty Game 1 if his life…

FFS watching that game pissed me off even more than watching us rush 3 and seeing Cousins and Rogers build a campsite waiting for their 4th read to get open on a triple move…


More proof that we need OL help. Wagner may be the worst RT in the NFL, and Decker hasn’t been the same, since he got hurt a couple of years ago. C-/D+ guy @ LT, and a D-/E dude, @ RT.

So we need to invest a mid-first round pick in an offensive tackle is what you’re saying. I believe I’ve seen this movie before


Yep. All we need is 4 more 1st round picks used on offensive lineman and we might have an average offensive line some day.:rofl:


To be fair, if we had a GM that had a fucking clue, it would make sense to (re)invest in the O-Line. It’s a major issue and it’s not going to just resolve itself. Not to mention Wagner needs to be shipped the F out of there (another stupid Quinn signing), which opens yet another hole.