Same old lions

Different guys every year, different coaches, we play different teams. It’s always the same. Not enough plays made. Not enough clutch stops. Too many mistakes. The referees seem to screw us, and they do but the consistent factor is we think we have talented guys and they just don’t perform together.

Same story is the early teens tigers plenty of talent not enough heart to sack up when it counts. The entire 2014 starting staff of the Tigers make the World Series either this year or last year, and have won five Cy young Awards since leaving, check that make it 6.

Maybe it’s telling that whenever guys leave the Lions they don’t do jack schitt.


Tigers won a World Series in many of our lifetimes, and went to another one. I don’t care how disappointed you get with the Tigers, let’s not even pretend its even in the same stratosphere as the Lions.



Through pure odds we should have at least won a playoff game by now, let alone a Super Bowl. Not even a sniff. Nothing has changed.


enough games to see the signs everywhere already. i’ll eat crow when we turn this season around and or the next one.

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And no freaking way anybody gets an extension in the offseason. Not slay, not Decker, maybe not even Glasgow maybe you could talk me into Robinson, but this team looks like trash and they need to show that fat old man running the defense the door sooner than later

Fuck BQ. He sucks at his job. Take a TE in round one. Yet Smith Jr was way better. Paid way to much for Flowers. Didn’t fix the oline, dline sucks, DBs let cousins look like a HOF.

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And evidently his practices are longer and harder (that’s what she said) than anywhere else.

When you aren’t winning, that shit is going to get old, fast.

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I wish for the best from this team but expect less than nothing. I expect them to rip my heart out every year. Hell, I expect to have my heart ripped out in every single game that has any meaning whatsoever.

That being said, the Rams had complaints and praise vs Dick Vermiel with the Rams. Things were “too hard” the first 2 years. But it weeded out the bad apples and established character, so when he let up in the 3rd year the team shot off.

The cynic in me says that as great as the 99 Rams story was, the team probably only made that run because the league knew at that point how important it was to have “winners” in new cities, so the team takes hold.