Sanders hospitalized

I definitely agree on a local scale. But the media has a heavy influence on the national profile of a candidate. Bernie’s people know who he is. But people in Oklahoma (for instance) are going to have a big piece of their perception of him based on his coverage.

To a point. You guys maintain Trump has the worst media coverage ever, yet he won the presidency. I still maintain what holds Bernie back in say Oklahoma is how far left his politics are, not what Jennifer Rubin thinks about him.

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Yes, to a point. But…there is an impact.

The delay in dropping out of the race is about 2 things:

What happens to the money he’s raised so far ??

How much can he get to throw his support behind a remaining candidate ??

It is a sign of no good alternatives to elect someone nearing 80 years old unless they show an amazing level of energy and alertness, which would be incredibly rare. Biden is a shell of the shell he was. Bernie is clearly out of ideas, which is why Warren is lapping him. Saying Trump has dementia among other things, while likely true is merely a way to make excuses for his behavior.

Great minds usually accomplish things at an early age like JFK, Obama. Usually someone in their mid 70’s is a known quantity trying to run in a vacuum. Warren was a late starter, but has the energy of a 40 yr old. Most of the younger candidates in this election process are still unrefined in who they are. This country needs someone with the character to lead morally, ethically and be willing to stand up to corruption on all levels. The only person that has articulated that ability is Warren.

The 78 year old Bernie is being lapped by the young 70 year old Elizabeth Warren :joy:

Why is “the party of young people” being run by oldheads?

Old hippies are the great enablers of a lot of social disorder.

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Yeah, I don’t get that argument either. Sanders and Biden are supposed to be way too old. Warren? Well she’s old but young at heart. What does that even mean?

Age is just a number for some, but it catches up to everyone. Biden is clearly past his expiration level of energy let alone the fact he never had the intellect and now has questions about his character. Bernie is older and without new ideas and now health problems. Warren is younger and much more energetic physically and mentally. Nobody questions whether she can put in the work or meet the schedule. Her age is not an issue as she shows it is not an issue. The other two clearly are older and show it.

Yeah, her main issue is the identity politics foundation that she lies about.

I read somewhere his daughter in law died the same day he made it back to Vermont after the heart attack. She died two days after being diagnosed with cancer.

As much as I don’t like Bernie’s politics, I feel for his family.

I read that too. Sad.

2 days after diagnosis? WTF…thats awful.