Scenarios for # 003 OA

Seem pretty clearcut, but I’ll lay them out.
At 003, the top two players in the draft are gone in Burrow and Young. We stand fast at three and select from among ten players, one of whom we value over the others. You can make your own case for need, talent and position.
At 003, Chase Young is available, we draft him.
At 003, we trade down, grab someone from our list of ten, plus any other assets we acquired.
The decision is labile and dependent on other teams decisions.

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I kinda think it is Washington that trades down not DET. I do not believe Washington will want to draft Young. That is a lot of capital they would have invested in one position. If they trade down and take either an OT or a WR to help out their young QB … what will that mean for Lions?

I think DET is likely going to stay pat at 3 and take a CB or a DT. Just a hunch.

I want them to trade down bad and stock pile some picks but that just seems too good to be true.

I disgree, insofar as you see Washington’s position, not your supposition they will trade but having too much capital wrapped up in any one position. They could trade one of their edge players and have considerably less invested in that position group, paying less for the premium rusher Young will become because of his rookie salary. They could also trade the big tackle who won’t play for them. So I don’t see it quite like you. I would clearly make those trades, the OT and the edge player and use the proceeds to get a tackle after taking Young at two.

They are in a predicament at OT. Unless they think they can land someone in the second round, they’re going to be forced to do something. We’ll see, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see them trade back even to 7 to get one of the top OTs.

Think on this here, say they trade their OT for a guy like Wagner. They lock down RT and they draft any one of Wirfs, Wills or Thomas. Just saying. They could flat out buy Conklin out of FA. It is not as dire as it is made out to be, then there would be drafting Young and trading an edge player for a viable tackle.

Montez Sweat rookie contract, Jonathan Allen rookie contract and Chase Young rookie contract. Hell, Daron Payne is on a rookie contract. The whole DL is on rookie contracts…just saying that group would be formidable and cheap.

Or the Lions do, what the Lions do and stand pat. The likely scenario based on Quinn who has never moved around in the first …#3 The Detroit Lions select CB Jeff Okudah CB Ohio State and we get a blue chip prospect .

I don’t think even Quinn can stand pat at 3, if a QB goes 1OA and Young goes second (or vice versa) there’s is going to be tremendous pressure on pick 3 by QB hungry teams, and there will be at least a couple. I don’t see him sitting there and taking Okudah at 3.

I would like to believe this …but when reports came in that the Lions had offers at #8 but did not move down and drafted a TE instead I have my doubts .

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So maybe we can trade back and offer one of our garnered picks for big Trent.