Schottenheimer Out

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Could you have imagined a day when a coach would be firing a Schottenheimer because he didn’t run the ball enough?


Didn’t he and Bevell part ways because Bevell ran it too much?

Pete Carroll = Goldilocks.

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It’s like

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around the NFL right now

Hey, Pete, Jim Colletto’s available. (and well-rested)

That’s definitely not why Bevell was let go. The year after Bevell left the Seahawks had a noticeable drop in passing attempts and increase in running attempts. In Bevell’s last year in Seattle they were 21st in rushing attempts. In Schottenheimer’s 1st year they were 2nd in rushing attempts and Wilson threw the ball almost 130 less times. It looks like that was by design, and then Wilson’s passing attempts were creeping up in 2019 and then he was on a record pace in 2020 until Pete stepped in and changed things. Heck, even with Pete stepping in Wilson ended up throwing the ball a career high number of times.

Who’s design?

Here we are now with two coach’s that imo hindered Bevell…

And maybe Wilson is harder to handle than we know?

Pete Carroll’s design. Pete prioritizes running the football and keeping Wilson’s passing attempts below a certain level. It appears that when the passing attempts get too high, the OC gets in trouble.

Our he is like MP and hindering?

How do you know it only one way?

You nor I don’t but the pattern is there…

Wilson and Carrie had yet another meltdown loss in the playoffs - hmmmm and Pete fired the OC both times?

Only constant is Pete … I lean towards him being the problem

Or Pete sucks at picking OCs?!

The pattern is clear thru stats and words straight out of the horses mouth. Drink some water and relax, this one is pretty clear.

Thanks for setting me straight on that.

Lol - I don’t agree brother!!

But much respect - love ya!

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