Screw The Chiefs

Hi folks…apologies for the aggressive title of this thread, but I had to get it off my chest.

Lamar Hunt (God rest his soul), was untiring in his attempt to strip our Lions of their Turkey Day game. That really sticks in my crawl.

Mahomes seems like a fine young man, but the hype for him is extremely strong.

It’s for these reasons I am backing the Niners today…although they and their 5 SB wins can pack sand too…truth be told.

Oh well, my rant is over and I truly am not an angry guy.:joy:

Enjoy the game my Lions brothers. I’ve got some nice Triple IPA’s chilling in the fridge which will pair well with our pork ribs, chips, guacamole, and wings.

Stay the course folks. One day we will experience this SB feeling. Go Lions!


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Screw the 49ers. I like it when small market teams get to the super bowl



Mahomes played like garbage all day and gets MVP? If Stafford three times as good, which he would have Lions Fans would be calling for his head. If a QB can play that bad and still win, you know the reason you are there is the overall team. Tyreek Hill gets open by 15 yards and catches a punt on 3rd and long and people are praising Mahomes, yikes!

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He was so courageous, showing great leadership fighting through his suck-ass throws!

Also, “Hey! Let’s wait until the 4th quarter to throw deep passes…that’ll really confuse them!”

Not impressed with either coaching plan.


Mahomes is a much better QB and leader than Stafford. It is not even close. Stafford has never displayed the leadership and fire of Mahomes and Mahomes has only been in the league 3 years.

Yep it was Mahomes leadership and fire …2 Int’s , KC 3 fumbles lost none , Jimmy G sucking ass , Refs not being consistent in what OPI is , Mahomes getting away with poor throw ,after poor throw and total luck on his duck like toss up and SF offense not capitalizing on mistakes. …Mahomes MVP leader who just gets it done. Great stuff


Actually thought Williams should have gotten the MVP but knew Mahomes would get it.

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Clearly you know nothing about pro sports


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Stafford outplayed Mahomes at Ford Field and Mahomes couldn’t hit the side of a barn with the ball. He was even worse in the SB. He was in panic mode all day. That team won in spite of their QB, not because of him.

Stafford is much more fundamentally sound than Mahomes. Mahomes looks like a young Stafford with inconsistent mechanics, but Stafford is well past that today. Mahomes is throwing to an all star cast of guys that can beat coverage. Stafford has to make throws that Mahomes has showed no ability to make consistently.

You leadership critique has no validity on any level.

You’re seriously shitting on Mahomes the day after the kid wins the superbowl? The guy dropped 50TD and 5000 yards in basically his rookie year. Your statement about his throws vs Staffords are just completely untrue. Week in and week out I’ve never seen anyone make the crazy angled throws that Mahomes makes. I don’t hate Stafford but Jesus man, pick your battles! Are you arguing that the Chiefs would’ve even sniffed the superbowl without Mahomes? He did play a bad game but he was lights out when it mattered. The kid is incredible by any objective measure. Please just find me one objective non Lions fan who would argue Stafford is somehow better.


Stafford had CJ, the ultimate weapon to bail-out a QB.

Mahommes is twice the QB at this stage that Stafford was.


The Chiefs Defense won that game and Tyreek Hill’s amazing route running. Following idiot media narratives is idiocy. He has a stacked offense and a much better defense than the Lions.

Mahomes threw for 5000 yards in his 2nd season and Stafford threw for it in his 3rd season after getting injured in his first two starting with an 0-16 roster. Stafford had nowhere near the talent or coaching staff around him.

There are no throws Mahomes can make that Stafford can’t, but I have seen some throws that Stafford can make that Mahomes has never made. Mahomes is faster and that is his only advantage.


I agree with this. I know people don’t want to believe it but M. Jones and Golladay aren’t even close to complete WR’s. They struggle to create separation. I like them both but the Lions need a more complete WR in my opinion. I honestly think our WR group is average in NFL standards.


lol just compare mahomes side arm throws with Stafford , lol i Iaugh hard when commentators comment on Staffords inaccurate side arm throws . Staffords struggle unless prevent defense . Game is too slow for mahomes .You guys are not putting the factor of football savy to win. Put Stafford against 49 ers defense

Damn these takes are horrible and biased.

Pat Mahomes didn’t play great but I don’t know if another quarterback in the league that would have done better with a similar offensive line vs the 9ers defensive line.

Pat Mahomes is the only quarterback in the NFL that is mobile enough and has enough arm to even get the ball to Hill on that 3rd and 15 play to change the game.

Mitch Trubisky outplayed Matt Stafford head to head last year and actually won the game so I guess that means he’s better.


Following idiot media narratives wtf are you on about? Maybe I’m just trusting my eyes, and not my throbbing, raging boner for Stafford.


Uh… ok.