Screw'd or not we are

we could have been 5 and 0 at this point if we didn’t mess up a few plays and got screw’d by the zebra’s multiple time’s–but i’ll tell you what–we are the best 2-2-1 sum bitch team in the NFL and any one who plays the lion’s is in for a fuggen dog fight ,and if their aren’t ready to meet us on equal terms-----they better stay on the porch with the puppies


I hope your right :+1:t2:

At some point, getting boned will affect the moral of this team.

While I agree with you, the argument can be made we could be 0-5 too. All of our games are close, I just want a nice blowout win at some point.

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In suppose they either get demoralized and give up, or they get royally pissed and take it out on the effing Vikings. I don’t see these guys giving up at all, so I’m thinking they’ll come out strong on Sunday.

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I feel good as well , we change the season outlook at this point with a win on Sunday . I’m going to lose my shit if we allow Cousins to run for a long first down in the 4th quarter this game , it has bitten us in the ass every single game this year , how many times do we allow that to happen on a big series by the opponent . Fix this shit.