Seahawks emerge as frontrunners for Ansah



Well that’d be better than him signing with an NFC North team and having him torment us for years…


We’d fear him about as much as our divisional rivals have…


From the IR? :laughing:


Come on now… you know never having to put a Lions jersey on again, he’ll probably never see the IR for the rest of his career.


So true …


Welp, its official.

I’m really curious what the actual $$ amount is.


First word is $5.5M guaranteed; up to $8M with incentives.


While I watched the draft I couldn’t help but think Ziggy would be a great fit out there. At the time he had been connected to a couple different teams and hadn’t scheduled a visit with Seattle yet and I kinda wondered why.

Of course it all makes sense now… Schneider is at the top of the league in acquiring compensatory picks over the past several years. They weren’t going to sign Ansah and risk having him cancel out a good pick. I mean, if you’re going to get a 3rd for losing Earl Thomas or a 4th for losing Justin Coleman, who would want to wreck that by signing a guy that they already know won’t play a full season?


Too bad, I was hoping that he’d end up in the north so the team that took him would screw up their cap.


Bye, Ziggy!


Glad I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read that.


Why, because you think that somehow a guy with a history of injuries that will miss the first 4 weeks of the season is somehow going to be a different player since he left here? A guy on a 1 year prove it deal who is also going to miss preseason and will be learning a new D from a playbook is somehow going to be a cohesive part of any unit he joins? That’s some scary stuff there…


CJ, it was a compliment. You made a funny comment, he acknowledged it.


One might also be clued in by the fact I also “liked” it.

Some people don’t think things through…


Missing the first month.


(Or more.)



hahaha, wow 5.5 mil for a guy that probably won’t play the first 4 games? that’s different than paying a guy that’s injured and already under contract. One you can’t do anything about, the other you can.