Shep out at Fox News

Just 72 hours after Bill Barr met with Murdoch.


Not sure what to think about this one.

Who’s replacing him?

The newest jogger on the Megan Kelly/Bill Kristoll/Joe Scarborough career path?

It’s very sudden. He may have resigned, but there’s a story as to why. This doesn’t seem planned a while ago.

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Cavuto and him are close. And he had no idea – nor did Roberts, who was equally stunned, so I’m not buying the story that it was in the works. With a career like his, he’d have a farewell stint of several shows. He was forced out by Barr and Trump, full stop.

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I heard he has a new gig with LGBTQtv.

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Except Disney just consummated the purchase of Fox and Rupert’s kids, who are now running the company, are flaming liberals.

This is just friggin crazy. Hopefully the rest at fox band together and don’t start sucking trump mushroom. I guess see which way the wind blows now since fox has been losing its shine with trump lately.

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Gotta believe that Wallace and the judge are now on the chopping block as well.


Wallace isn’t going anywhere, he’s the best guy on Fox. Shep Smith was borderline retarded. He won’t be missed. Neither would Napolitano, I do hope he’s next.

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Shep was a dick. He’d be much happier at CNN.
He’s on Fox. Everybody knows they’re the “right” channel. The only “right” channel.
He made a living pissing off the people that pay him.
“The customer is always right.”
“Customer service is what the customer says it is.”

This was the quality of Shep’s work…

I don’t mind Chris Wallace at all because he’s really good at what he does. He’s that rare Democrat that makes logical arguments.

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