Shiela will do anything to build a winner

But it kinda sounds like she making excuses for the staff already.

“think this is going to be kind of a weird year, so I don’t want to say anything about wins and losses,” Ford Hamp said. “I think the overarching thing is that we want to see major improvement. And at this point, I can’t really say what those specific measures are going to be cause I don’t know what the season’s going to be like yet. But major improvement is the goal.”

I get we’re in a trying year but why can’t you define what you consider to be a Major improvement?

I wonder if 4 wins is a major improvement?
Is being in every game (but losing) a major improvement?

What if we start out 1-3 and then the season is canceled. But the 3 losses were all close games?
Let’s say we beat CHI by 1pt.
Then lose to Arz and GB by 3 but to NO by 7?

I have to wonder what she considers a major improvement to be. I get that it’s hard to put it into numbers but give us something tangible.

I get the feeling that no matter what this staff will be back. Barring a total meltdown that is.

However I do believe she wants to win but so did Henry Ford.

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No matter what she would have said, it is a no win situation. She doesn’t give an ultimatum before firings occur and you have cynical fans being very flippant and calling this nothing but the same. She does give an ultimatum and situations arise and you might have to change your decisions and she looks like a fool in people’s eyes and is just the same.

But I suppose having a net worth coming to you over a billion dollars might make what people say about her mean nothing to her and us simps can just complain, complain, complain.

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Sounds like she is anticipating a possible shorten season.

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From the “he who forgets history is doomed to repeat it department,” if the season goes 16 games, “major improvement” would qualify as 8-8 if we’re going by Fontes era standards.

How does Mrs. Hamp plan to make the Lions a winning organization?

She said it all starts with consistency.

“You have to get the right mix of people and then I think stay with it,” She said.

She used the Patriots organization and some of the stable leadership that organization has had at the top throughout the years as an example.

“I think there’s been a lot of changes over the years with the Lions,” she said. “We haven’t been able to – yet – reach that magic formula, but I’m hoping that this year coach Patricia will be in his third year and hopefully things will start to gel. I think we have a really competitive team.”

For me, as far as major improvement goes, you’ll know it when you see it. Last year, even the games we won, it felt like we were going to lose. Most anyone who knows about football can watch a game and see how good or bad a team is. I don’t think we were a very good team last year, I think the offense was good because MS was playing spectacular… but we weren’t very good overall.

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I think that’s a fair point but I think she could have been slightly more open on what her expectations are. I realize it’s a difficult question to answer. But I feel the fans deserve more.

It does … which makes me think that no matter what the staff gets another year.

She was close to her father and this was his belief as well. So patience should probably be expected.

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Kaepernick is a QB who hasn’t played in three years, does not fit this offense, couldn’t beat out Blaine Gabbert for a job and was third string to some other QB chum also on the roster. He is a political activist who will draw a media circus to himself wherever he goes. No matter which side of the aisle you occupy, he is the story and not your team. Somebody please explain to me what he has to offer this franchise.

And, if this owner doesn’t know that, she is incapable of running the franchise and guilty of pandering to the media.

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Before you start, the NFL makes room for talent. Ezekial Elliott, Ty Hill, Joe Mixon, the list is long. If Kaepernick had it, he would be employed.


Probably nothing.

Yooper is referencing Shiela’s remark that BQ could sign Kap if he wants to.

I think this was said for two reasons.

  1. She’s letting it known that personnel decisions are BQ’s. and he has the freedom to make a decision like that.

  2. She is sending the message that she’s on the side of the players and that no ones being black listed.

Rumor is that the league is pushing for Kap to land on a team so they can put an end to the story that he’s being black listed.

If he lands on a QB needy team and he can’t make the roster then maybe it puts an end to the Kap situation.

Personally I think Kap will be offered to be one of these quarantined emergency QB’s.

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That would be true if he had not turned down multiple offers. He has turned them down. Truth is he can make more money as an activist. As an activist he can make baseless claims, never work a day in his life and be more remembered than he ever would have been as a QB.

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Her best thing she could do to build a winner is sell the team to someone else.
That would make her the best Ford owner ever.

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Could you imagine the shit storm if she would have said no about Kaep?
No matter how she framed the answer.
She did it the right way.
If the GM and coach think he can add anything to the team, sure, we could hire him.
She knows that ain’t happening.
So why ask for a national smear by the press in these times of civil unrest by saying anything else?

So, lie to keep the Marxists satisfied. Gotcha. Reserve integrity and mollify the press. All because you are afraid to speak your mind. If he doesn’t fit, you have to have the fortitude to stand up to the forces trying to take over. He is not nearly the talent we already have. Plain. Simple. Got nothing to do with his race or his activism. Our guy is better.

How is it lying?
She just avoided a trap

If you are afraid to tell the truth because you want to avoid being torched by the press, you do not have freedom of speech. So, you don’t tell the truth and that my friend, is a lie. Having the courage to just say no. You called it a shitstorm from the press.
I would rather hear her say, no our guys are light years better than that clown ever was, than see her dance around it. You acknowledged the point in your thread before I ever spoke on it. Media shitstorm which is applied whenever it can be to further a certain agenda…and not one that favors free speech.

I agree that Kap is not a starter but his experience and skill set make him worthy of a backup role. I mean look around the league…heck even on our own team.

It’s hard to argue Daniel and David Blough are better than Kap. If the president didn’t blow the kneeling non-story out of proportion and use it as an opportunity to play pied piper by riling up his base, Kap would have landed a backup role by now.

I don’t think Kap was blackballed…more likely teams didn’t want to deal with the distraction and media attention (and insults from the president). Until now, the off-the-field distraction was not worth it for a backup QB. Time will tell if public opinion has changed enough to change that equation.


People are giving way too much credit to a guy that had a season and half of good football. Everyone forgets he was nothing the other 3 years he played. But people remember the playoff run in 2012 and the run in 2013 and forget the rest of his 2014-2016.

He is only news still today because he kneeled and rednecks got mad because they were confused.

Maybe once some of these octogenarian and older most likely racist owners die off things change. maybe Sheila was just saying it for PR, or maybe she is just smart and wouldn’t poo poo any idea off the bat.


I get what you are saying. And in a different situation I think your point is valid.
But let me frame it another way for you.
Any reporter covering a Detroit Lions press conference about an ownership change has to know the quarterback situation in Detroit. The whole world knows Detroit has it’s franchise quarterback and they signed a backup in free agency.
So knowing that the question then becomes a hypothetical question and deserved a hypothetical answer.
She said she would have no problem hiring him if the GM and coaches said he could help the team. So, hypothetically, if all of our quarterbacks became positive for Corona virus and were shut down for 2 weeks and Colin was available and the coaches said he was their best option is she lying to say she would be ok with hiring him? You can’t say she is lying unless she proves otherwise.
Was the reporter lying or being deceitful by leaving “or are you racist or against his political view” off the end of his question?
She wasn’t at that press conference to weigh in on the problems facing this county at this time.
I don’t see it as her being afraid to speak the truth. I do think she tactfully avoided any chance for the press to bring dissention and distraction to her team on the first day of her tenure.