Should Matt Patricia be fired?

Let’s gauge the pulse in here …

  • Yes
  • No

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Are we just going to have this poll after every game now?

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What’s the point? He’s hand picked by the guy that was hand picked by the NFL!
Make them all stay until the Ford’s sell.

Was never a Caldwell fan…but you gotta know wherever he is he’s having himself a little chuckle.

Sure, if Quinn goes with him.


The Redskins are bad, like really bad. Losing all but seals the deal for me. If we can somehow look good and rip off some wins to end the season, I’ll change my mind. But there is no excuse for what we just witnessed. Patricia may be successful in his next HC opportunity, but it won’t be this one.



Not until the offseason - and that’s ONLY IF a GOOD head coach becomes available.


They need a legitimate guy; otherwise, just keep him.


Thing is, who in this organization do you trust to make that decision? They don’t trust themselves!

Maybe we should ask the NFL for help?


Just let him finish out the season, 3-12-1 and let Quinn make another great decision. Maybe they can draft a Guard or something with their top 5 pick in the next draft.

Yes, and he can take his nerdy red headed bitch with him. Yikes I’m not a fan of Caldwell, but at least we weren’t out of the playoffs by Thanksgiving.

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We were definitely out of the playoffs by Thanksgiving when we started 1-7.

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If that OG was Quentin Nelson, I’d take him at No 5 overall.


Can’t even be upset about any loss that improves the Lions draft position.

True, just pissed. Sick of losing. I don’t know if the Lions will ever be good. Stafford should be traded, just to give a him a chance at winning.

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And why is that, because of all quinns big hits in the first Rd ? Great idea lets have the season be over before thanksgiving ever year so we can get a high draft pic so we can take another avg player.

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Every loss improves the Lions draft position. Is that what this franchise has become? The fans always hoping for a better draft spot?

They will never be good. Now what? Because if “being good” someday is what’s keeping you as a Lions fan, I have some bad news for ya. The idea that “someday it will be our turn” is a dead concept. The same teams are playing eachother over and over again in the Super Bowl, and we aren’t one of them.


I’ve been down on this regime since the Jets debacle, but you’re even bumming me out, @wesleysh21


Losing to Washington is inexcusable.