Should we sign Darqueze Dennard?

His deal with Jacksonville fell through.

He would probably only cost around $5M per year if what he was reportedly offered by JAX was close to correct.

He’s 5’11 and runs a 4.5. Played in the slot in Cincy, but played outside at MSU and was the Thorpe Award winner there. From what I read he wants to play outside again, and his strength is press man, which would make him a fit here. He ranked as a top 30 CB each of the last 2 years in Cincy. He is slightly injury prone, but I personally think it would be a good signing as our #2 CB if we can get him for around $5M per year on a 3 year deal that we could get out of after 2 years.

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I wouldn’t sign him for that kinda contract

They backed out of there offer it was to much for what they would get Look at his stats


No can’t stay healthy. Give me Logan Ryan


What if Logan Ryan has twice the asking price?

I don’t think $5M/yr is expensive for a starting CB. We have no idea what happened with the offer. What stats are you looking at? Interceptions?

Our former CB2 Melvin just signed a 1 yr/2.5M deal if that is any point of reference of what a mediocre to poor starting CB costs.


MR, We can run out and sign any CB for 5M /yr that’s not a issue bc you ‘can’ find any old CB for that…I think what Coyote was saying is you have to look at the whole picture --in this case, Dennard. you look at his all around play and study what he’s good at here and there, and what he seems to struggle with then decide if he’s worth even having. maybe I’m wrong ? but this is my estimation of the topic at hand.

Yeah and he’s been rated a top 30 corner the last 2 seasons in Cincy. He led all slot corners last season in passer rating when targeted at 68.4% and gave up zero TD’s. I think he’s a guy, who if he can stay healthy, could significantly outplay his contract and give us a good #2 outside corner. He also fits our team since he’s best at playing man, which we play.

now, now…that’s a stretch.

Thaaaaat’s more like it!

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PFF says:

Dennard isn’t a free agent who’ll be signed early for a lot of money, but rather one that would be a great addition for low cost after everything plays out. He’s devoted his time to the slot and has thrived in that role. Over the last three years, Dennard owns the 12th best slot coverage grade among 42 qualifying cornerbacks and has had two of those three seasons end with a top-30 finish among all cornerbacks in PFF WAR. On targets of 10-plus yards from the slot in that timespan, Dennard has allowed the lowest catch rate in the NFL. The Cincinnati Bengals were clearly bad in 2019, but Dennard was one of the positives of their season as the third most valuable player on the team despite playing just 495 snaps.

The above article is about whether the Giants should go after Dennard. Either he or Coleman could play outside here, if Oruwariye ain’t ready. A little depth back there never hurt anybody. Question is, how much does he want and how many games can the Lions get out of him. Most of us would rather get a better player, but maybe they should get somebody rather than nobody.

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Keep in mind, Coleman isn’t an outside guy really. He thrives in the slot role.

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“Of the slot corners that played 50%+ of their snaps inside, Darqueze Dennard ranks FIRST in catches allowed (14), yards (134), passer rating (68.4), yards per snap (0.57), snaps per target (9.0) and snaps per reception (16.8).” - PFF

That’s first in every category they keep data on.

I agree the big question is cost. The original reported signing amount with JAX was something like 3 years $13.5M. I would sign him for a contract close to that. The other questions are, can he play outside, and can he stay healthy. I think he can probably play outside due to his size and speed, which are sufficient, and due to the fact that he played outside his whole college career at a very high level. I wonder if Cincy was scared to even try him there since he was playing so well in the slot.

I just think that we still need to add SOMEONE to this CB core to complete it.

I’m not a Spartan fan, but man was he something else in college. I really thought he’d be a better pro than he has been.

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Not sure if we need more but if we do i would rather Daryl Worley He played last season for the RFA tender . Better numbers than Dennard . Coleman is are slot guy ,Dennard is slot.
We have couple who would I think fit better on outside now an its likely we draft with are first pick best CB in draft.

We have two now who would fit on outside Michael Jackson, …Amani Oruwariye
an Agnew, Jamal has been #2 slot for Lions last couple seasons.

Yeah I agree get someone …but I cant shake that you sign a guy who has a real strength in Dennard , the same strength that the high Priced CB we signed in 2019 in Coleman has …and then ask either to abandon what it is they do best .

I would so prefer an Outside Guy in Prince Amukumara or Trumaine Johnson guys that do not require projections on the outside , guys with height and size over Ryan , Dennard or moving Coleman outside …give me the square peg for a square hole type.

One year for Prince. Sign me up. If he needs the illusion of a longer term deal for pride then so be it but I’m not excited about a true multi year deal for a 31 year old corner.


Depth at CB is never a bad thing. the way they structure the contract (only 6M guaranteed 13.5M over 3) is not a big risk. Certainly not starter money. As a back-up, I feel more confident in Dennard than I did with Lawson or Melvin.

To me it is much harder to play against slot receivers than playing on the outside. He did well in college at MSU playing on the outside, and I was slightly surprised he didn’t do better in the NFL.

There are many CBs taken in the 1st who just didn’t live up to expectations. A warning sign about taking one high in the draft unless they are really special.

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