Detroit Sports Shitty



Yep. Yep. Yep.
We may need to just get over sports.

Thank God we don’t have soccer.

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Attitude of gratitude baby!

At lease we have teams to bitch about!

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Wasn’t there debate about what city has it worse?

On the flip side, 1935 saw Detroit win three championships.



It appears Murphy’s Law is working fine in the Motor City.
The Law of Averages must be broke though. :slightly_frowning_face:

Rebuilding is an issue and injuries are really the story for the Lions.


There are baseball and hockey teams every season that have fewer losses in 82 games than the Lions did in 16.

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A fan base and media base that perpetuates negativity, skepticism, and apathy like few others out there. Maybe Philly is a competitor in that area?

An entire region where professional athletes fail to succeed in any capacity.

I wonder if there is any connection, or if it’s all truly 100% on the owners, managers, coaches, and players?

I’m going to say it’s 99% the organizations, but maybe there’s an element of truth that an overly depressing fan and media base can seep into these organizations and the people that make them up’s psyche? I can’t think of any way to accurately study or quantify that. Perhaps there’s no relation at all…who knows.


I must say I think Yzerman will eventually right the wings.

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This scares the hell out of me. Because I thought Harbaugh was a slam dunk hire for Michigan. Oof

Even more than the Knicks, Islanders, Rangers, Jets, Giants, Yankees and Mets in a calendar year?

What’s even more depressing is that 3 of the 4 have clueless idiots in charge of the rebuilds. Avila, Ed Stefanski and Quinn are not qualified to do it properly. The Pistons are just getting started, hopefully, after the assumed Drummond trade.

In theory, this should mean home-grown superstar players are coming to all of our teams. With the exception of the Lions, that is how this is supposed to work. You suck, you draft high, you get stars, you don’t suck anymore.

Yes. I had started a thread earlier this year – have you ever seen a worst time in Detroit sports history. Some of the board ageed – most didn’t. Glad to see some objective confirmation!! Been having to resort to college and HS this year.

Were #1!!!

at sucking…but hey, #1 is #1…