Sign Clowney

If they are serious at all sign him !! 1 year 15 million . Get it done !!

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Clowney said he wants to sign with a contender. He would never come here on a one year deal. Playing for Patricia would cost him millions.


Ok 2 year 30 mil


Don’t see it happening. They need pass rush, and he’s a dominant run defender. Also, they’re paying a DE 17 million a year already. They need to resign Galloway to a long term deal. That and rookie contracts will eat up a lot of their cap that’s left.

Be honest don’t blame the staff you don’t want him either stop the cheap shots You have posted before about him

Watching Clowney last year changed my opinion of him. I thought he was a lazy POS, but that couldn’t be more from the truth. The guy is a game wrecker. I didn’t want to sign him to some absurd 5 year deal… but I would on a one year deal all day every day. He won’t sign here though… and I don’t blame him.

I think they’ll use their own 3rd round pick to move back into the late second to grab a running back, which means I think they’re going pass rusher or at least defensive lineman with the 35

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Draft Julian Okwara instead.

Give the money to Trent Williams.

After this defense heavy weekend of drafts, things will clear right up! We’ll all be able to see the results, look others square in the eye and just scratch our heads and say, ‘OH. Yeah. Nowww I get it. Sure. It all makes sense now’.
Well, pretty sure it’s going to be defense heavy. Not very sure about any of the rest of it.