Silver Lining

At least a COVID rebound won’t ruin an improbable Super Bowl run.


We also get to watch a HOF RB still compete at a high level wearing the blue and silver.


I tried to tell people LOL

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It is actually quite impressive how they continually find the ability to collapse in the 4th. We shall see how the year ends from a record perspective but I think it isn’t a bad time to checkout, emotional investment in this team is always a bad choice. Will continue to watch but man this show is truly a comedy.

Imagine what AP is thinking. He must think the Lions are cursed at this point. He coulda gone anywhere even knowing how bad the Lions have always been. I bet he thought he could change them. I give him 4 good games before the Lions completely wear off on him.

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New Lions players look a LOT like old Lions players.
Big V and Okudah - out before game starts
Collins, Trufant and Coleman - out during game
That’s Minus 6 starters (5 on D).
Swift drops game winning touchdown.

Golladay and Coleman out too. Stafford dropping bonehead sacks and picks when it really counts.

That is epitome of SOL, I’m sorry to say.

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I’m really over this regime. Sorry but the last 3 opening games have been so pathetic. Jesus. Was like watching the Arizona game all over again, except we were at home playing a shitty Bears team. Patricia is a joke.

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My silver lining is that I’m so Lionized at this point that I was laughing during the 4th quarter collapse instead of being upset.


At least Swift got his Lions baptism out of the way

For all of us having difficulty dealing with the daily uncertainty & upheaval plaguing the Country take heart in the knowledge that there still remains some semblance of continuity: the Lions franchise is still the symbol of futility!



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Yep. 2020 couldn’t change EVERYTHING! SOL

Yeah you’re right pup if we just view it as a comedy instead of actual football we can save our insides…They couldn’t wright better
scripts for the 3 Stooges…The 3 Stooges ain’t got nothing on the 53 Stooges.
But I’m not giving up…I just hope for the best and brace myself for the worst😑

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I agree. Only the names have changed. Same old Lions.

My silver lining is that I just saved $100. Here in the UP we don’t always get the Lions game (didn’t realize that was actually a good thing) I was about to subscribe to NFL Game Pass. Now I see there is no need to.

Well at least it explains why we never see ingame adjustments, if he can’t adjust how the first game is played after a year of planing how could he ever adjust ingame on the fly.

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Genius and spot on. Say it in every thread.

Coaches always so you can learn a lot more from A Loss than a win. Had we have won the game I’m sure they would have glossed over all the mistakes that were made.

If we learn more from losses than wins, that means Patricia’s team is the smartest in the whole damn league.

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