Sir_FeelGoods worst mock ever

Please rip it to shreds fellas!

-trade down to 5 with MIA, get pick 26. & 56 from MIA

  1. (5) Isiah Simmons Def - Clemson
  2. (26) Trevon Diggs CB - Bama
  3. (35) Johnathon Taylor RB - UW
  4. (56) Neville Gallimore DT - OU
  5. (67) Robert Hunt RG - La Tech
  6. (85) Shane Lemeiux LG - Oregon
  7. (109) Antonio Gandy Golden WR - Liberty
  8. (149) Logan Wilson LB - Wyoming
  9. (166) Cameron Clarke OL - Charlotte
  10. (182) Braden Mann P - TAMU
  11. (235) James Proche WR - SMU

Welcome to the fray.

I just don’t see Miami giving up either of their first round picks to move up two spots.

Maybe 39.
Maybe 56 & 70 with the Lions kicking back 109.
Maybe 39 & 70 with the Lions kicking back 85.

Total wishful thinking on my part, I hope it happens but I don’t expect it to!

Lol I warned you it was the worst mock draft ever!

Thanks Snags, feels good to have a username again instead of just lurking like a creep

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HI SIR welcome back , post more . good to see you !

One of the better mocks I seen in here!

Nice work :+1:

I could live with that draft. you in the Winnebago outside Quinn’s house just in case?

Welcome back! Way more fun than being a creeper … Well most of the time!

@Dollarsandsense sadly no, I’ll be in a complete drunken stupor on my couch after selecting Okudah at 3.

Thanks for the kind words everybody!

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Congratulations on the Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Dr. FeelGood.

@Weaselpuppy - please please…

It’s Mr Doctor Professor Sir feelgood esquire IV …sir.


Your hand must cramp up signing letters!