Slay Blasts Patricia on the Way Out

I’m going to go ahead and say there is no love lost between these two.

As the Judge said in My Cousin Vinny, “that would explain the animosity” (and the trade).

Slay sounds like a spoiled brat who was never yelled at before. The more that comes out, the more I am fine with him moving on.


I’ve been pointing this out since we hired MP. He came in with the wrong attitude. He then pissed off the veteran leadership. He lost the team and that’s why they started so flat in 2018.

I honestly have serious concerns that this team won’t just lay down to get him fired. If not for Stanford these guys would have no chance.

I’ve shared what I heard (which more and more players confirm) and yet people still doubt it.


Slay is nothing like that.

No one wants to work for a dictator that disrespects his employees.


And here come all the comments for and against both parties

You nor I nor anyone knows the truth, the context of the entire conversation. Did slay over react, did MP over react …

I don’t care. Why? Because the other 90% of the team seems ok with him

Drama drama drama!!


That’s because you’ve got a board of people who carry the water for one of the worst franchises in sports history. You’d think we had a board full of lions publicists.

Why do they do it? One may never know.


Sounds like it to me. But I guess some people get motivated by telling them have wonderful and special they are and that they are great people. MP will live and die by how he acts and gets his team to perform. If you require someone to constantly stroke your ego to perform at the highest level than you are soft in my book. Too each his own.

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Ok let’s look at what Slay said.

Slay said “ He told me I had no business working out with Richard Sherman and (Aqib) Talib because I wasn’t elite“.

Do you really think for one minute, you would tell your best CB on the team that he is not elite? That is like being a parent to a 8 year old child, and telling that child he would never amount to anything.

No one, and I mean no one in their right mind would ever do something this damaging. And if Patricia did, you don’t think Slay would have made this a major issue when it happened? Remember, Slay feels he is one of the best in the league. And for a man from a different culture belittle him, you think he would just stand there and take it?

Not for one min! And rightfully so!! He would have taken an A** wiping at the very least from most men.

I do believe maybe something was said, but not to the extent of what he just said.

If Slay wasn’t going to stand there like a man and take up for himself, why on earth would he man up later once he was gone, and repeat this now? If Slay would have had that said to him, you don’t think the whole locker room would have had Patrica’s tail on a plate!?

Come on!!!


I think it was Patricia’s way of trying to motivate Slay to be better, but it didn’t work. Any head coach or manager can’t treat all the players the same way. Some guys respond well to criticism because they’re harder on themselves than anyone else would be. Other guys need to “feel the love” (they require positive reinforcement to perform well).

For myself, in both college and law school, fear worked best with me. That motivated me. I usually did worse in the the nice friendly professors classes because they didn’t push me.

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You literally pulled this out of your ass.

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I understand what some of you guys are saying, but if I had a coach telling me that I have no place working out with elite corners I would probably dislike him too. It’s funny because you hear all this stuff about how nice of a guy Patricia is behind the scenes, but this seems to contradict that to some extent.

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What’s that? The truth that Slay now looks like a crybaby.


You think that’s the truth and facts?

Oh look, another guy who thinks his opinion is fact. We’ve got too many on this board already.

We get it, you think the lions are never wrong about anything.

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We do all know Slay was a little bit of a primadonna, right?
You ever follow him on Twitter? He’d announce what high school game he was going to that Friday night. That sounds cool on the surface, but the way he did it, he was always just drawing attention to himself and wanted to get into a $5 high school game for free.
On the field, he was elite. Off it, I never got the feeling he was a leader or someone who really cared about much more than money and status.

A real man if he had issues would enjoy his $30 million dollar check and move on. No, the first thing he did was complain about how mean, big old Matty Patty was, just like a little crybaby.

Patricia’s coaching style hasn’t been a success… not sure how we can back that up.

Slay will take his skills to Philly and perform the same way he has for the past few seasons, and leave us with nothing but a bitter taste in our mouths until the day Patricia leaves.
Just like most players who get run out of Detroit.

Sucks, but it’s just the realism of this staffs image since the day they stepped in.

Who knows right, maybe I eat crow at the end of the season. I’d love for this organization to succeed.
But they’ve proven nothing, done nothing to show improvement, and leave players sour on their way out.
Doesn’t sound all that great of an environment to me.

I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. We all know we will probably never hear from Patricia about this, so these statements and maybe some insider reports are all we will ever have to work with.

Bullshit, I think this offseason free agency had been a disaster. But I also think Slay is an overrated blowhard. Nothing more. But you all must think he is greatest CB in the league.