Slay & Coleman have bounce back gms vs Bucs?

Justin Coleman , CB : Coleman allowed only two catches for 13 yards on the day. After a rough stretch in the season, he’s clamped down a bit.

Darius Slay , CB : For much of the day, Slaycovered one of the best receivers in the NFL this season in Chris Godwin. The result? One catch for 6 yards.

So who gave up all the huge plays, the safeties? Sorry I opted for Redzone over the Lions game.

The safeties and Melvin.

Will Harris will be a soild special teams player and that’s it.

He can’t cover. He couldn’t in college. He damn sure can’t do it in the NFL

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Godwin left the game in the 3rd quarter and didn’t return…Slay followed him to the locker room and didn’t give up a catch in there either.

They need a vet mentor at S bad bad bad.

Good to see them to play good, but the safeties still suck.

These guys are legit starters and dumping Slay should be the farthest thing from anyone’s mind given the talent deficiency at the #2 CB spot and along the DL.

I don’t think it’s a matter of dumping Slay. He’s a free agent. How much are you willing to pay? He’s going to demand a huge payday to stay and put up with more of this bullshit.
I guarantee you he has said those very words.

We aren’t winning with him, so paying him so we can lose anyway has to be taken in to consideration. Can that money be spent elsewhere and sign someone who can take his place at a lower price?? Maybe not, but they have to consider it.

He’s under contract for another year.

We couldn’t even replace Lawson adequately, how are these guys going to replace Slay?


If only one was available at the trade deadline for next to nothing…


Well, to be fair, our 5th round pick at CB has more INTs in the 7 games he’s played in than Lawson has in the 71 games he’s played in. ONE. So…

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We play man to man almost exclusively and Slay is one of the better man cover CB’s in the league and still has several years of good play left in him. Yes we are losing, but it isn’t because of Slay, it’s because of Slay and the 5 seconds he’s expected to cover with our putrid pass rush even against scrub olinemen. To create MORE holes on this roster isn’t the way to improve. Money isn’t a problem, we have plenty of it to spend and Slay is under contract, so unless he wants to show the NFL he’s another Lev Bell, he’d better play like he wants another big contract elsewhere or he won’t be getting one.


I’m not sure if that makes replacing Lawson with Melvin better or worse than stated to begin with.
Oru has looked horrible.

Correct, and he held out this year for a while with 2 years left on his deal.

Factor in that he was pissed about the Diggs trade, he hates the scheme here, the team blows and that he will now only have 1 year left on his deal. I don’t think he plays here next year. Even if he’s not traded, I see him sitting out more than I see him risking the opportunity for his last NFL contract on this busted franchise.

We shall see who is right. I put him playing here next year at about 5%.

If only there were like a young recent pro-bowl safety, team captain type. I know, wishful thinking. No competent GM would trade away a player like that



I’m not prognosticating here, I’m just saying he’s a starter and he’s under contract. Will Batman trade him? Maybe. Probably after week 5 for a 5th.

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Yeah, I would think his value decreases the longer he stays here. He should have been dealt at the deadline to a competitive team. Now, we either get what we can in the offseason, or we will probably be begging teams to take him next October.

I’m starting to get behind the idea of keeping Slay and drafting Okudah.