Slay & Coleman have bounce back gms vs Bucs?

I’m a no and a no on that, dog.

I’m not sure we want to extend a 30 year old CB who is starting to regress. Not to mention he doesn’t particularly seem on board with this staff.

Okudah seems like a guy who is taking advantage of playing in the Big Ten where clutching and grabbing is a normality. If he played the way he has in the NFL, he will be flagged about 30 times per game. He doesn’t seem like a natural. More of a mugger.

Slay turns 29 next year, so he isn’t some old man out there. I’d look for a 3 year deal, and contracts aren’t guaranteed. Give him a pay raise, bring competition to the position, we develop a pass rush and win games, I don’t believe Slay would be an issue at all.


I disagree that he should have been dealt. A worthwhile GM should be able to get a player like Slay locked up in the off-season before his final year.



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Justin Simmons, Ha Ha clinton dix, Anthony Harris Devin McCourty are the top in FA.

Yeah, too bad we didn’t have a player like that.

So you can’t sit on the sidelines or quarterback meetings if you are on IR?