Slay expects to be the highest paid CB in the NFL

I’m all for keeping Slay butttttt we can’t overpay him either. He’s good, he’s not top CB good.

He expects to be as if he is THE top CB in the NFL

Well he’s never been short on confidence I’ll give him that.

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What corner is better than Slay?

I get not paying him for age concerns but I don’t think there is a corner in the NFL asked to what he gets asked to do.

That’s just the way the market works. Top players at their position will get contracts that make them the highest paid at their position, until the next top player at their position comes up for their contract.

Slay already hit our cap at $15,934,375 in 2019, and is already pegged at $13,400,000 for 2020. So even with that hit on our 2020 cap we still have nearly $46,000,000 to spend.

We can easily fit him in at 15+ mil on our cap with virtually zero effect on what we have to spend this year.

Just get it done.


IMO this is what will happen but for how many years?

It would be nice if he turned the ball over more, but he’s a high level performer and can be for a few years. So sign him. Trade down then add Okudah beside him and we still have a lot of resources left for all the other problems.

@LineBusy Had a really good thought about 32 million guaranteed in first two years cut him if his play declines in year 3 or 4.

As mentioned earlier, he could be the highest paid CB but only untill he isn’t. Only untill the next highest paid comes along. Won’t take long. As far as the Lions at CB, better to have a strong CB and aquire another than to let one go and start over at CB.


If this is truly the case, incentive based contract - go earn as much money as you want! You are the best in teh biz - go earn the best in the biz money!

Yep pay him his $16 Mill per…$78 million, 5 Years , $40 Mill guaranteed , have an out after year 3 that amounts to $8 Million or less in dead cap space and call it a day .


The salary cap is going to be over 200+ million dollars and rising the next 3 years.

If you think he’s going to remain elite the difference in oppornunity cost between 15 and 17 million per year is nothing.

It really just comes down to how you think he’s going to age because if even if he only wants 14 a year your screwed if he falls off a cliff a year into the deal.


Stephon Gilmore does exactly what Slay is asked to do and was defensive player of the year, so there’s one lol

Here’s a pff article ranking the top 25 CBs through week 17, guess who’s not on it…


Dont let reality get in the way of a good narrative LOL

Slay is arguably one of the top CB’s in the game. If he was a QB, everyone would expect him to get the next “highest at his position” contract. He is much better than the guys like Norman who have those contracts. He will get it.

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Well, to be fair, a lot of the CBs on this list play for teams with a really good pass rush, something the lions lacked all season.

Though I agree. I don’t think there’s a better corner in the game than Gilmore right now.

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I probably should have been more clear.

The New England Patriots were 6th in sacks and top 10 in time to throw for opposing quarterbacks.

Like I said no corner is asked to hold up in man coverage while shadowing #1s everyweek with no pass rush.

PFF is a decent tool but these rankings are kind of a joke.

There isn’t a single corner on that list that didn’t play on a defense with one of the best pass rushing fronts in the NFL.

You think it’s a coincidence that Richard Sherman magically became the best corner in football according to PFF the same year the 9ers added Bosa and Dee Ford?

9ers had the worst secondary in football in 2018 according to PFF yet now they have 2 top 14 corners?

I wonder what changed?

Let him walk. We need that valuable cap space to pay for studs like Mike Daniels, Jesse James and Justin Coleman.


Good point, and I think a lot of ppl overlook that.

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