Slay for Le'Veon Bell...Quinn goes all in

Do you trust CarriedOff? I don’t.

Bo is a nice story, but he is at best Latavious Murray, right? Useful and will pop a couple big games, but not “The Guy”.

Bell is bowling his way out of NY…and has 3 years left where he would be 13,11 and 13 on the cap… and 13 is what Slay woukd hit the cap for in 2020. Cap neutral move.

Draft Okuda, plug him in. Get a vet safety in FA and use rounds 2-4 on the lines. Get a pass rusher in FA…we have $ to spend and the guillotine is getting oiled up for Quinntricia…

Stafford gets his run game. Hock in yr 2, 2 good to great outside receivers, Hall, Amendola back, 4th place schedule…No excuses.

They HAVE to WIN a playoff game or it’s Committee of Public Safety time…

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I would definitely be on board with this.

Slay wants out (allegedly) and Bell would be a great addition to this offense.

I know Bell had a bad year but he’s got plenty of mileage left on him…


No, Slay is a top 3 CB and Bell is nowhere near that in terms of RB’s.

The idea of trading Slay is a bad one and fans need to stop that type of thinking.


Slay doesn’t want out. He said he wants to spend the rest of his career with Detroit.

RB’s are a dime a dozen and Bell has a lot of miles on those tires. #1 CB’s are rare and valued. Trade Slay and they don’t have and starting CB’s. The Lions are NOT rebuilding.


If QP are here one more year, which they should /will be… Then they better be all in!!!

I’m not sure it will take giving up Darius Slay to acquire Le’Veon Bell. The Jets clearly don’t use him correctly and they will want out of his contract. He would definitely be a great fit In our offense. I am not sure how I feel about putting that much money into a running back but he took a year off and I’m sure he has at least 3 years of potential top 5 running back play left in him. I’m sure Bevell would utilize him very well…

Bell, KJ, Scarbrough and McKissic would be a nice running back room.


Have yall actually watched Bell this year.

I wouldn’t absorb his contract for nothing in return let alone Slay.

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That’s what I was thinking. At this point I’d maybe trade a fifth for Bell. Definitely not Slay

I’m a state fan, so, it pains me, but, hell no!
The guy hasn’t had a good year, yet! His attitude is why he’s on his way out! Same as Pittsburg!
Nope! I wouldn’t even consider it.

No on Okudah. Guy is going to have a tough transition. He’s far too grabby and routinely contacts the receiver early. That might fly in college while at OSU…but will never fly in the NFL if he’s in Detroit.

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What Slay “says” and what he really wants are two different things!!!

I haven’t seen anywhere where he said he wants to stay here the rest of his career…I would luv to see the quote though as I may be wrong???

The idea that Slay is a top 3 corner simply isn’t true anymore!!! Take off the homer glasses boys!

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I feel like this scenario being suggested is exactly the type of thing your fearing the lions do to build a 2020 playoff team that drops off after…I would hate this scenario. I wouldn’t want okuda that high and I don’t see anything from bell that says the next 3 years are going to be an upswing rather then a downswing for him. We aren’t talking about Adrian Peterson here.

Slay needs to go. The most overrated, non-producing CB we ever had. Opposing QB’s need a first down, they go right at him. We would. Be better off running streeted CB’s than this clown. He is a cancer. Best cut it out now rather than have it riddle the locker room. At least then we won’t have to listen to the shit he runs out his mouth.

Weasel i’m all in for you as the new GM


Slay is as good as gone. I will bet you on that. Get something for him now, or we will be trading him for a low 5th round pick as a rental next year mid-season. He is not going to sign an extension here, and it wouldn’t even be smart for the Lions to give him an extension at his age and with his regressing play.

I have. He is playing like a guy who took a year off, to be honest. He doesn’t look slow or out of shape, just not back. Plus, he plays on the fucking Jets, so… I think his pass catching ability is a huge threat that we never have out of our lead back here.

I am not saying I like his contract, but you have to admit, the Lions have exactly ZERO running backs in 2020 that you can confidently count on. We could use a proven back that can be relied on for more than a month.

I really don’t see any way Slay plays next year in Detroit anyway. Dude held out this year with 2 years left on his deal. No way he shows up next year on his final year and risks being injured and killing his free agency value for the clowns running this franchise.

Plus, I’ve heard that Bell rolls a mean hook.

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Slay is not regressing and will be here. He has been hurt this year, but he is still an elite CB.

When the team is losing for any reason, the whiners come out like cockroaches.

What did you see from Le’Veon Bell this year that would make you want him with yet another year on his odometer next season?

He looks like Kevin Smith these days.


So true