Slay possibly looking for north of 15 mil a year

Recent tweets suggest that Slay wants to be paid north of 15 mil a year. Which would make him the highest paid CB in the game.

This article links to those tweets and what Slay might be thinking?

I’m really starting to think the Lions will be drafting a CB in round 1.

Hey to be fair he saw them pay Lang, Wagner and then Flowers…Id ask for the moon too.

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Every guy who is in the top tier of his position wants to be the highest paid. Everyone should have expected him to ask for that much as this is his last big contract likely. Do they sign him to a big 6 yr deal with the ability to exit after 4?

Is Slay worth $15 million? He’s going to be 30 years old soon.

If the Lions could trade back to #5 and draft Okudah, Slay could be expendable. Trade Slay for a draft pick and get another in free agency.

I hope the Lions can retain him because the DBs were the strength of the team last year. The Lions really value DBs that cover and tackle.

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I think the answer is yes but does BQ and MP see it that way and is Slay ok with 15 mil or is he seeking much more? I would think that if the number really was 15 mil then the deal would get done but I have a feeling he’s asking for more than that. Personally I think the Lions need to get the deal done.

Here’s an article suggesting his worth. It’s a decent read.

If I’m the Lions I’d like to sign him but won’t be desperate about it
Tack on one or two years?
If the numbers don’t make sense they have the franchise hammer available and should use it for a one year deal

Let Slay walk, then draft Okudah is very Lionsque. It’s the only scenario at #3, that they can fuck up.

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Other than doing a one year extension of the current contract (ala Snacks), I think it’s more likely Slay is traded than signed to a new deal. Quinn learned at the feet of Belichick whose “better one year too early than one year too late” mantra guided personnel decisions.

Extension years pay 16m/15m/14m/13m(35 guaranteed)… Honestly, I’d rather see just a 2 year extension 16m/15m (20-25 guaranteed).

What about Golladay or Decker or Glasgow? Can we afford any or all of them too?

The Patriots have always valued great CBs. I expect that we will pay Slay IF we feel like Slay is a great player in this scheme. I think we pay him, I think he will be happy an I think he stays here.

IF the Lions feel like Slay doesn’t want to be here or doesn’t play well in this scheme trade him. But I think gets the job done. And Slay is a good player and maybe great. We need him, this scheme needs good Cbs and we have available.


He’s still under contract in 2020, so the franchise tag doesn’t apply in this situation. If they don’t extend or trade him, it’s more of a risk that he will hold out and hurt the team.

Them letting Slay go and drafting Okudah and thinking it is a good move is peak Lions buffoonery.


Diggs suggested a 4 year 68 mil contract. I say go for it. It would be easy to structure a deal with 2-years of guarantees at market while providing a 3rd and 4th year at numbers that achieve 68 total while also allowing the team to cut him if his play falls off with age.

The duration of the contract is more important. If we could tear up this year and go 2 for 30m then I think I’d do that. His cap hit last year was 16m so it’s not like the deal would be all that prohibitive.

I just worry about paying him at that level too far into his 30s.

Nothing is more important than the guarantees. Give him a 32 guarantee which essentially makes him a Lion for 20 and 21, then price years 22 and 23 at 17 and 19 mil.

And you’re right about his cap hit. The delta between this year on the current contract and this year on a new contract would be small. You could give him the big number he’s looking for without it really being more than a bump this year and a 1 year extension with the option to keep him around beyond 21 if we want.

It is hard to know exactly where Slay is after last year’s zero pass rush. He was top 5 before last year. But age tends to catch up with CBs. I would love to see a two year plus a two year team option. He has been healthy enough to get a nice guarantee. But I would not accrue beyond two years so there is a clean cut off if need be.

The reason I go a 2+2 is that I think he can still have value late in the contract with nickle and dime coverages as he ages. I do not expect and I sure hope he is not our cb1 in 2 years. If so, he has held up miraculously well or we have neglected the position.

Agreed. Everything else is irrelevant. The Lions could promise to pay him $20 Million in 2022 and 2023, but if none of its’ guaranteed, it’s just $$ on paper.

Fans do not get to set parameters on a deal. Slay and his agent aren’t stupid and won’t want a deal that makes it more likely he gets cut after two years and is on the market at 32 looking for a big deal. The smart thing for the Lions and Slay is a very good 3 yr contract where he is paid like a top corner that he is today. If he is smart he focuses on staying in good shape and trying to extend his career. The best money is signing short big money deals for these guys when they get past 30.

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Oops, didn’t not see this when I posted my thread. Please close mine. Sorry @Air2theThrown.

I think your thread is different in that we’re seeing Slay’s reaction to people on social media.

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