Slay signs team friendly deal with eagles

More buffoonery from our team…


This is why I don’t follow them. More bad info.

Yes, Detroit could easily have signed him. Slay, even while carrying on as he did last week, said that he would have signed with Detroit.
The offer wasn’t there.

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The numbers are more what I am concerned about w this one particular post. I do agree that Jeremy at times is very much a fan.

The Lions made the right move by trading Slay. It doesn’t matter how good the deal was or could have been for the team…he did not want to be here.


Think that’s the point. He would have been reasonable if he wanted to be here.

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There is nothing technically wrong with what this guy is saying, but that is the most F@#$ed up way I’ve ever heard someone comment on a contract AND be technically correct.


Are you sure? We signed his buddy Trufant and they could have been Batman and Robin but he immediately tweeted to the world that he wanted to be traded. That sounds like a Slay problem and not a Lions problem.

Slay has wanted a new contract since last year and who’s to say we didn’t offer him this already? His post trade interviews spelled out that he didn’t want to play for Patricia so this was a fractured relationship beyond repair.

He had to agree on the structure of his new contract to consumate the trade. It’s not like he gave us the right of first refusal like a RFA.

Why stay at a place where you are unhappy?
Patricia obviously rubbed him the wrong way. The couch destroyed the relationship by trying to be Billy Bad Ass and humiliate his star player right off the bat.
Slay should be better in the Philly scheme anyway.

I hate Patricia but it was time for Slay to go.

Get mad about them letting it get to this point but it was time.

I really like Slay but he didn’t want to be here and apparently the feeling was mutual. I’ll cheer for him in Philly and cheer for our team in Detroit.

To me, this is evidenced by the fact that his “replacement” (who could have been his CB2 if he wanted) was his same size/speed/age and had a BETTER year than him in 2019 including double his INT’s and did so in less games and for considerably less money.

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Yeah, everyone keeps calling Trufant inferior to Slay but I’m going to hold off on making that determination for now. Personally, I think Trufant is being a bit underrated and Slay is being a touch overrated.

Hopefully, there is an NFL season this year and we’ll get a chance to see.

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Actually it isn’t that much less money once you look at the real numbers.

Slay basically got one year added on to his existing contract.

Not interested in splitting hairs over millions of dollars. The truth is that we got a serviceable replacement for a guy that didn’t want to be here, plus saved millions of dollars, plus got 2 draft picks.

Slay didn’t leave us with nothing and we are actually in good condition coming out the other side. To me, this whole thing played out to a win-win. We can all still debate if we could have gotten better picks but it’s water under the bridge at this point.

If our picks end up being nothing or Slay ends up in decline over the next couple years or Trufant does the same then we can really evaluate this deal.

Slay. In one of his interviews before things went ESPN-level crazy he said he would have signed a new contract here. I can’t tell you verbatim what he said, but yeah, if they floated a 16 mil per year contract to him he would still be a Lion. You just provided your own answer… he was bucking for a new contract since last year. They didn’t oblige and he eventually showed up before the cost of holding out hit.

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why? because Slay didn’t want to play here? what was the other option to pay him royal ‘here’?

I don’t remember Slay saying at any point that he would have taken our deal, only that he would have considered it. He was acting like he had all the leverage while he was still under contract. Otherwise, Slay would have said that he gave us the chance to match or whatever after the trade.

This article ultimately reads that Slay wanted more guaranteed money than we wanted to pay him. We would have given him the years and total value to make him the highest paid CB he thought he deserved. He just wanted no escalators or workout bonuses, or incentives probably. Just straight guaranteed money and that was the impasse that lead to his trade.

In my mind, he’s covering his tracks by nuking the brides on his way out of town. None of this was his fault, all MP.

The lions could have made him play out his contract but they didn’t. They gave him what HE WANTED. He should thank Bob Quinn for accommodating his childish ways.

As far as the contract, it is about the guaranteed money. it is basically a 2 year deal for about 15M per. pay him at 29 and 30 able to cut him after without much pain. It was not the money he said he wanted. The structure anywhere would have been similar. the fact the 1st year base is low means NOTHING!

Funny thing is if he stayed here he would have got 10.5M this year and 18M next year if franchised so the money is not much different.

I liked him. We are not better without him. He obviously needed to “save face” after all his bantering and get traded. as they say in show biz “break a leg” Mr Slay Sr.