Slay situation

I have said before I doubt Slay is here next year but I find his latest comments very ironic. I know he is ticked that Diggs was traded. I get it and I actually get his comment on loyalty. It really does not exist in the NFL. But it goes both ways. This is a guy that held out of training camp for more money. Is that not a loyalty issue as well. He wanted more money so it was OK to be disloyal to the organization and team to get what he wanted. Detroit wanted better play for less money but it is not OK for them to be “disloyal”?

You can’t have it both ways. Since this is a business then the “dis-loyal” side will always outweigh the loyal side. I am really not sure where he thinks he can work where loyalty will be put ahead of production. It is just not reality - Not saying it is right - just that it is not reality in this day and age.


Yup, Patriots sure as hell didn’t win a half dozen SBs with top to bottom loyalty!

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Slay held out of training camp? Link?

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Slay is under contract for 2020 at a reasonable rate (relatively speaking):

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If memory serves me correctly they Both did hold out of voluntary and mandatory mini camps. They were fined by the team for not reporting to mandatory camp. They threatened to hold out to training camp but did report to training camp after meeting with BQ.

So while people do keep saying “training camp” they’re really not wrong. Mini camp is a training camp. Personally I think it’s splitting hairs because they did hold out of camp and we’re fined for it by the team.


Everything will be forgotten if we start winning.

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Yes - Thanks Air - semantics to me - While the rest of the team was working to learn and grow in the defensive system these guys were not there because they wanted personal gain. I have no problem with them wanting more money, I just think it is a little hypocritical of Slay to talk about loyalty when he has no trouble not practicing with his team for personal gain. Either the NFL is a business and you accept trades, cuts and holdouts as part of the business or you skip holdouts and live with your original contract and you don’t cut or trade players. I am pretty sure we get a better product when it is operated as a business. Just my opinion

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Based on the defensive play this year they didn’t miss much.

Its not splitting hairs and you should know the difference between training camp and mini camps. Its night and day. Guys skip mini camps all the time.

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Correct, and they made a spectacle when they held out for the mandatories. Snacks needed to get paid for tackling the Cardinals 3rd string RB in a tank game last year. Then he ate his way out from being a run stuffer.

Slay held out after his worst year since his rookie year. Now he’s playing still well below his pay grade and is crying about losing a teammate, while speaking in 3rd person. Divas, be gone.

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I’ll agree to disagree. They held out of OTA’s, Voluntary Camp and Mandatory Mini camp. I’ve actually been the training facility during all of these camps and training camp. The common thread is conditioning, and fundamental football. While I realize the difference of each camp the point remains the same. They held out and it effected their seasonal readiness.


IOW, we’ll never forget! :sob:

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Wes — lets call it a typo
It really doesn’t change the point at all and he’s totally right
Slays obviously has no sense of how hypocritical he’s being

If he’s so big on loyalty then he should be walking the talk
Instead, his values change based on the moment
Worse his values seem to mostly revolve around himself

I think it was last game, one announcer said “that’s why they call him big play”
I had to smile
As far as I can tell, he made that nickname up himself
He was the one who kept saying it early in his career

In my view, Slay is all about Slay
Anything he does he does to promote his “brand”
I think the nice little fan story we heard early this summer was, for the most part, a concocted publicity stunt.
I don’t know the man but he comes off like everything circles back to him

Training camp, mini- camp.
Doesn’t matter
Focus on the point
The point is exactly right

We can talk hypocrisy all we want, but the contract situation in the NFL systematically makes it happen.

Players hold out because it is their leverage for a pay raise. Teams void contracts at will. In this sort of system, it is unrealistic to say the players should have to abide by the contract when the teams don’t.

This system created the no loyalty situation in the league and the team that has shown the least loyalty became a dynasty.


Fair enough
But you are mixing separate issues
The league and players may both be “all about” performance, leverage, money, value
It is what it is
The romance of the game has been long ripped away anyway
The notions of loyalty and “my team” are quaint

None of it matters relative to the simple point:
Slay is whining about loyalty but he’s shown he’s personally not about loyalty

If you prefer people of substance, it’s obvious Slay has little
Slay is about Slay
He’ll spin everything to make himself look ok – but just on a very shallow surface
Take any time to look at it rationally and the guy is a foof

I don’t care one way or another what the Lions do with him
If he gets another contract from them, he’ll have earned it
If not, he’ll have earned a departure

I doubt they trade him but it wouldn’t be the worst move
If Quinn is all about value then he has to stick to a sell high, buy low mentality
Unfortunately, emotionally engaged fans will go nuts no matter what happens
For better or worse, i think Quinn stays true to his principles

If the Fords allow Quinn the time to do his thing, over time, the team will become a contender. At times, in the moment, the decisions seem crazy. But the decisions are all highly calculated.

People will point to quick turnarounds – those are usually based on a measure of luck and/or are fleeting

Quinn seems completely focused on value
He may overspend on one year deals – but the commitment is short and the risk defined
He may overspend on a long-term contract – but it’s viewed essentially as a bridge investment
So far, the draft results are mixed but i think the organization is developing
It’d be better for fans to not jump on every move like it’s the end of the world
It’d be better if Slay focused on how he could make the team better than bitching about anything and everything

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Didn’t Slay attend those camps before the 2018 season?

I am waiting to see how Slay looks on the field before I decide what he is about. But his past leads me to believe he is about football.

What he says during the week doesn’t bother me. This is the first time in his career that I have seen him so public. He has said his piece. Let’s see if he just gets back to business. This is one week in a long career.

But he can say what he likes when he shows on Sunday.

Slay ran his mouth again. You can feel the ignorance from his tweets. This guy is one stupid mf’er. He has some ability but he is highly over-rated. I say we trade him. Two firsts.

Antonio Brown showed up on Sunday, nearly every Sunday. They let him say what he wanted, and do what he wanted…they paid him, twice.

Look how that worked out. Not saying Slay is or will be like AB, but some of the stuff he says sure has the same arrogant stink to it.