Slay trade Koolaid!

We landed an extra 3rd and 5th for Slay here’s what I hope BQ does with them.

Round 3 Pick 21 - RB AJ Dillon
Perfect back for a power run game. Has the upside of a D.Henry type player.

Round 5 Pick 20 - WR Lynn Bowden
Great gadget guy with potential to take over the slot in the long term.

AJ Dillon does not have Derrick a Henry’s talent. Still I’d be fine with him that late though I think he’s gone. Bowden in 5 would be highway robbery. That would be amazing

I disagree. I think his upside is that high. AJ has unbelievable feet and I think in the right system he’ll be an absolute beast. Just so happens Lions want to run perfect system for him.

Fair enough. I’m quite confident that Dillon will never approach Henry’s 2020 production but it’s you are entitled to your own opinion.

Henry’s wingspan with that stiff arm and flexibility for a man his size are part of what make him unique. I don’t see either of those out of Dillon.

I do think Dillon could a Jordan Howard type of player. If Dillon can actually help in the passing game then that’s pretty damn good.

Like I said, I’m fine with Dillon in round three. I just see him as a useful cog in a RBBC rather than a star

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I think BQ will turn down good trade offers at 3 and draft Okudah. Because he needs a CB bad and has zeroed in on Okudah with blinders on.

Then I think he will package together some of those extra picks to either 1) Move back into round one or 2) Move back into late round 2.

I’m expecting us to have 3 picks in the top 75.

I think we will get a CB, DT, and OG with those 3 picks.

This is not even close to what I want to happen but this is what I believe BQ will do.

Yes please to Dillon.

The slot guy I have been targeting in round 5 is the Texas kid Duvarney or whatever his name is. Looks dangerous with the ball in his hands.

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Duvernay won’t make it to round 5. I’d be excited to get him in round Three

There are a ton of quality WRs in this draft. Someone has to drop.

Not a lot of sub 4.4 WRs though. Duvernay is one of them.