Slay Traded to Eagles

heard this same trade talk, Slay to Eagles at least 4 times tonight , so there’s something to it, all they have to do is sign him.

Hope for a bidding war between the Eagles and Raiders.

There is a framework for a 3 year extension all ready in place. This deal has been worked on for 3-4 weeks

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Just seen where Eagles coach basically called Jones a bust in 19. Hope this isn’t the case if the trade includes Jones.

With Slay’s latest comments…this goose is cooked. Sucks…I liked him. So now it’s what do we get.

What if we get #53 & #103??

If true, again we have another hole. Maybe we go after Logan.

nail in coffin moment for me is when the Eagles have signed Slay, the rest is just talks with no signing.

Eagles speaking of Jones link

Come on, I wanna hear the details lol.

Guess I’ll have to wait until the morning.


No other word fits.

How much space would this free up this year?

3rd and 5th rd pick

AKA a 3rd round pick, because Quinn turns 5th rounders into dust. About what I thought the idiot would get for him. Should have traded him mid season last year, like I said.

You are terrible man. Come on.


My bad. Great job Bob Quinn waiting till Slays value was at it’s lowest before trading him. Everyone in the world knew last summer that he wouldn’t play for the Lions in 2020. Waiting to trade him for a lower 3rd rounder is just another blemish on Quinn’s record. 10 poor moves for every decent move.

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