Slay's Take

So basically it will be really hard to hire someone from another teams staff to be your defensive/special teams coordinator.

Typically its not. Its considered professional courtesy to allow the guy to interview for a promotion unless you are going to promote the guy yourself. There are only a couple of teams that really stick it to their lower level coaches and don’t allow them to interview for promotions…the Packers being one. Occasionally you’ll see someone get blocked for various reasons…but its situation specific.

Thought I’d plop this here instead of creating a new thread.

Such A Class Act.


Thanks for posting this.
An awesome gesture by Slay.
I will root for him wherever he ends up during his career. I hope he stays a Lion.

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Me also.

Me three.

They’d be fools to let him walk.
I wonder what team he’s going to?

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Bumping this to show some things are bigger than money.


Hey mods, can we pin this thread, or at least this article. It really is a classy move by Slay. One of the good guys.

I think Quinn needs to extend him. The Lions have a better chance at winning next season with Slay on the roster and Quinn is definitely in win now mode.



Yep. A brand new GM probably trades him for future picks. Same with Stafford, maybe.

Now with Ford giving these guys another year, Slay has them over a barrel. The whole world knows they don’t have enough draft picks to fill the voids they have, let alone losing their best CB on the worst defense in the league.

Very few teams have enough draft picks to fill the holes on the roster, that is what FA is for. The draft is supposed to be about taking BPA with the first 2 picks and depth with the rest. You have to look at the draft and FA in tandem, difficult to view them in isolation.

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Care to elaborate? You don’t think it’s possible that if we had a brand new GM who hired his own coach, that they would entertain the possibility of moving on from a 32 year old QB coming off 2 straight seasons of back injury? You don’t think they might want to bring in their own young QB?

This has nothing to do with loving or hating Stafford. It’s about our GM doesn’t really even have the option of moving on from guys who may be past their prime, because they need every bit of talent THIS year and cannot afford to replace guys like Slay and Stafford in year 5, when he has about 10 other holes to fill too.

I’ll just share this and step away.

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I am fine with Slay being payed. The “no” was regarding stafford. Perhaps, I am misunderstanding who you are directing the meinke tweet at Air, lol.

“Payed”. LOLLL

Actually Iggy, I type mostly on my cell phone and I have fat thumbs. If you must know I have a PH.D. So, yes, I did pass kindergarten.


Yeah… the fat thumbs must be the problem. That’s it. Definitely the reason why you don’t know the difference between “there, they’re and their”. I feel for you.