Snacks Extension

Any buyers remorse with the early extension? Do we think he’s playing at level he was last year?

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I think he’s been playing hurt because half of the Dline can’t play at all!


It was my opinion that Snacks showed up in camp woefully out of shape, but it’s also possible that he showed up with a groin injury or knee or something that hindered his physical conditioning. Who knows, the Lions don’t tell us a damn thing about who’s hurt unless it’s on the Injury Report (check the report!). I guess I should’ve learned this lesson a loooong time ago, you just can’t trust or depend on this team. At all. I thought this defense would be in the top 10, but hell, they’ll be lucky to make it out of the bottom 10.

So, right now we got Snacks at less than 100%, and maybe Flowers too. He played a lot fewer snaps against Minny than he usually does, so is he hurtin’ too? Plus Hand has been out for the first 6 games, and Daniels hasn’t played much and not very good when he was in there. That’s a lot of talent that isn’t playing or isn’t playing as well as they should.

Maybe the Lions put it together on defense, but maybe they don’t. Injuries are biting this team in the ass once again, and if it continues then they ain’t going to win many games even if they hang 30 on people. One good thing, if you can call it that, PFF is saying that Kevin Strong played well so maybe we found a diamond in the rough there.

From the moment he held out, I said it was a bad idea to extend a guy who played a partial season here against back up QBs and RBs and teams that were tanking. I wanted to see a half season out of him in games with meaning. Here we are and hes playing at a 2 million dollar level. 2 million more than Flowers, but still.

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No buyers remorse.

No he’s not playing at the level he did last year. He has a groin injury. They are nagging injuries too. This stuff happens a lot with players who hold out too.

“Naps” Harrison thought his non-exercised, 300lb + body sitting out training camp would be able to compete against rivals with some form of cardio.

…but hey! He got paid!

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When did Snacks miss training camp?

He was under contract through the 2020 season, but with no guarantees. Harrison’s one-year, $11 million extension with the Lions adds another year to his deal and $12 million in guarantees.