Snacks wanted to leave before he even arrived

Towards the end of the interview, Snacks made sure to add that Matt Patricia is a great coach and that he respects him.

“Matt Patricia’s a great coach, a great guy,” he said. “I have a lot of respect for Matt Patricia. It had nothing to do with him personally.”

Good riddance.


Geez, not even the strayest of dogs wanna hump Patricia’s leg.

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If he didn’t want to be in Detroit why did he whine about getting an extension? Just sounds like an excuse for his poor play last year.


Can you blame him?

Well, I guess he’s still looking for that ideal place to retire from… So he was “in shape” for camp, but then fell “out of shape” trying to “facilitate a trade?” Uh… yeah… I guess we do need a new staff. One where they stroke the players hair ever so gently and tell them they are the best player in history, so they will actually do their jobs.


I mean. The Lions gave him what he wanted and he repays them by being out of shape and playing like crap. Screw him!


Of course the Lions need a new staff. Not because of this, but because Quinntricia are incompetent at every phase of their jobs. Patricia is one of the worst coaches in NFL history. There’s really no debate. Patricia is a horrible coach.


Yes. You are being paid millions to be a professional and a huge part of that is being in shape for your team. Do your effing job.


Maybe Patricia should start doing his.

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What, like standing with a player at the buffet line to make sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to do for millions per year?

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Show up for meetings on time, act like a leader, use players to their strengths, learn how to manage the clock, learn how to have a sideline presence, learn how to treat the players like professionals, learn how to bathe…


This is one of the reasons I want the Lions to draft Tua.

I just don’t think Detroit will be an attractive destination until there is a superstar here that players want to be teammates with.

It’s nothing against Stafford. It’s more about changing the image and trying to elevate the franchise with a superstar. Tua might not be the right guy, but we know it’s not Stafford. Again, I like Stafford but he’s 0-11 with division titles, playoff wins, and we all know his record against winning teams. Stafford has been asked to do the impossible and, understandably, he’s failed. It’s certainly not his fault he couldn’t climb Everest. Few can, right?

I think the Lions need to find a guy that can get them over that hump. Someone like Russ Wilson, for example. If that doesn’t happen, I fear it’ll just be more of the same over and over again.

I understand the other side of the coin which is - provide Stafford with enough talent around him and the culture will change. Problem is, I’ve seen some very talented teams around Stafford and the Lions still didn’t win. They came close! But close isn’t as good as the real thing. Detroit remains an unattractive destination for many reasons. Not winning is one of the big ones.

I do think adding a blue chip player can significantly change a team’s culture. I think about New Orleans, for example. NO was a joke for a long time before Drew Brees showed up. Fast forward to today, players can’t wait to sign with the Saints.

PS - I love Stafford and I love the Lions. I just feel the need to say that after suggesting the Lions draft Tua (or someone like Tua maybe in future years - Trevor Lawrence, for example) to change the culture around here. Kind of like a reset button.


And you think some douchebag with a bum hip is going to make the Lions better. I am glad you people aren’t in charge.

I love Stafford but unless this team makes a playoff run it’s time to move on.

I don’t want Tua though.

If we win 6-8 games and Stafford is playing well yet the defense continues to be an abomination I just don’t see a realistic path to success in Stafford’s timeline and I don’t want him in yet another system nor do I want to force whomever replaces Patricia to be forced to stick with Bevell.

That situation is how we got here to begin with.

If no playoff run in 2020 just reset everything.

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Why is Tua a douchebag?


Yeah 3rd, I agree that Snacks isn’t totally innocent here, but theres some stuff in that article that is pretty damning to this organization. Whether its the coach or the org in general is debatable.
“And to be completely honest with you, I didn’t want to go to Detroit because of some things that I heard from some guys in the past and some guys who were there, Harrison said on the [Green Light Podcast with former NFL defensive end Chris Long.”
" Harrison said the defensive line had a hard time executing one play in particular, but the coaches insisted on calling it.

“Matt Patricia and I, as well as our defensive line coach and assistant defensive line coach and defensive coordinator, we spent a lot of time last season going over the block because it was a block that was troubling our entire defensive line. … He’s showing us the drill, “Okay, when he turns like this to go, you push him, put your hand here,’ and I’m like, 'No, he’s not going that flat,” Harrison said.”

To me this points to something we’ve already been shown evidence of a bunch of times: That Patricia is very stubborn and inflexible. In my opinion this is a terrible trait in a human being, let alone a leader or a head coach.


I’ve heard Tua called many things, but not this.


He’s going to be fired in 9 months and you will still have idiots defending him.

The next coach is going to have more immediate success and people are going to try to give Patricia credit for building the team.

I wish there was a way I could wager on this.


I don’t think Tua is a douchebag and I also don’t think he’s guaranteed to make the Lions better.

But, I also don’t think he has a bum hip based on the information I’ve heard.

I wouldn’t be interested in Tua or Burrow if the Lions weren’t picking in the top 3. This is typically when/how you can land a franchise QB though without trading away tons and tons of picks. Since the Lions have this opportunity, I am suggesting they take it and roll the dice to see if they can elevate their franchise.

The alternative is the status quo. I suppose that’s ok for some. I want to see the Lions win though. I hope all of you guys that want to keep rolling with Stafford are right. So long as the Lions are winning, I’ll be thrilled.