So Ansah had a sack today


Is it bad (or is it revealing) that I couldn’t care less?

He probably could have had 3 sacks today and I’d still want him gone.


Look at the bright side, Ziggy appears to be a deal now at 8.5 mil per sack, vs 17.1 mil per sack after 9 weeks in.


right there with you AD…least at this point. 1 sack doesn’t excite me.


This made my bones hurt.


Uuuugh. So many bad numbers today. Hey look, whiskey …


Broke out the Basil Hayden after the 7th sack, trying to learn moderation.


You know the great thing about medical marijuana?



That is the best argument for legal marijuana isn’t it? Proponents could just offer two words: ‘The Lions’


This team feels so very disconnected. Ziggy getting a sack should be a bright spot, but unfortunately, it’s just another in a long line of other items to feel ‘meh’ about…


He’s gone after this year. That’s obvious.

The real excited for me comes with the discussion on how we’re going to replace him.


Ansah says he “feels amazing” talking to reporters emerging from a bubble bath, tucking his feet into pink bunny slippers