So, Gros-Matos #3 overall?

Best Edge in the draft and should be there.
What do you think?

Gimme Derrick Brown.



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Don’t give up hope, we can still achieve #2

39th overall player according to Draftnetwork.

…sorry, had to edit.

so, the perfect BQ pick.


In December. I was hoping to be able to trade down and get him while picking up picks, but with Young staying, he’s my #1 Rush End. Unless someone can tell me who the next guy is outside of him, I’ll certainly check him out, but it’s a weak year for EDGE and so quite naturally, even decent ones will get selected high.

Dobbins @ 41, nice second round pick.

Trade back a few slots and grab Derrick Brown in the 1st, then maybe this guy is there in the 2nd along with a RB. I would also try to sign Brandon Scherff in FA

The one I was looking at had him at #5.
Once Young was gone, the next ten are pretty even, talent wise. It’s just a matter of what position you need more.
In my mind, we have to get a consistent outside pass rush. It’s our #1 need.

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Is there any betting sites taking bets on whether Young will go pro or not?..I got a grand I’d put down on NOT going back to college next season.

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I think Andrew Thomas will be our selection just because of where we’re at in the draft. He’ll be our LT, we’ll moved Decker to RT, and cut Wagner.
Or we take Okudah and trade Slay.

Either way, I’m hoping Curtis Weaver is our 2nd round pick.

Yep. I don’t believe for a second that Young won’t be in the draft. This is all about locker room distractions during the playoff.

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You know what? Even if Young is in the draft, we can’t take him without giving up the farm.
We still have pretty much the same players to choose from.

You know it will be OT or trade down. Play it safe BQ wouldn’t possibly rock the boat and draft a stud d player.

I don’t often agree with Iggy but I agree about putting premiums on certain positions and I don’t think BQ sees it that way

If young is gone. Derrick brown would be next on my list.

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yea but is he really staying next year?

Gross Matos and Epenesa. I’d be ok with either of these guys. They are both young, productive and successful and have a high ceiling.

Looking at the highlight films, they don’t pop like Young or like Bosa did last year. I think both will be solid pros

I’d also be happy with Smith the big DT

I wouldnt be opposed to this but if we dont upgrade the defense we might be in the same position next year that we are this year. Im not so keen on Okudah