So I watched the game live and here are some observations

Driskel - He has what it takes but needs time. Too slow to read and react and make good decisions. On back to back plays we had one on one on the outside with the safety cheating to the other side. We ran both times right into the strong side. Should have take a least one shot. Several times he had open lanes to pull the down and run and instead made bad passes or waited and until the pass rush collapsed the pocket. One awful throw away that should have been a pick and then the last int that was a head scratcher. Lastly (although we scored the next play) he scrambled and ran out of bounds 2 yards short of the stick. Matt Stafford dives or turns in to get that first down if he can. This is how you get players to really rally around you. As I said I think he is decent and will get better but he needs work.

Snacks looked much better in this game (I believe he did last week as well). I think maybe he is coming around. If Flowers had been playing I think we would have seen a big difference in line play. As it was we did a good job stopping the run but failed to get consistent pressure.

Bo is the real deal. He does not have break away speed but he made a lot of good reads and gets the most out of his carries.

Felt like the run blocking was a little better this game even with Ragnow out.

Special teams looked rough today.

All in all when healthy this offense can be really good. Defense still has a long way to go but I still feel scheme will help. It was frustrating watching them not stop the Skins on the last two drives. NO pressure including a few 3 man rushes. Every time I saw a three man rush then Haskins made a play - maddening.

Even after watching I don’t really know what we have on defense until we get all the parts on the field together. Sad day watching us lose to a 1 win team.

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Bo is faster than KJ is. Not that KJ has breakaway speed either. Bo is a legit 4.5 guy which at 235lbs is pretty fast.

My buddy doesn’t see many lions games as a browns fan and he was shocked at how little separation the wrs get…think that plays a part in Driskel’s hesitance. Stafford makes throws to guys who are covered. That being said…that first pick was god awful…the angle was directly in front of me and all the fans around us were shouting “no! Don’t throw it!”. Corner was sitting on the throw…

Why is no one clamoring for Patricia to be fired? This team has clearly quit on him and no one wants to see year 5 of Quin.

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Think a lot people are clamoring for him to be fired…

Don’t think the team has quit on him…

His pick in the Chicago game was horrible as well. The near pick late in this game was a terrible decision as well. Driskel always clearly had talent. IMO he’ll never have the instinct or decision making to be the type of backup that you feel confident about. I hope that he proves me wrong.

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