So Many Negative Posts WHY?

Realistically we haven’t played great and we have had struggles. Haven’t played our best ball

And realistically we are 2-0-1 with wins over two of last year’s playoff teams while not playing great and not playing our best ball

The 2nd part should give you some reason to feel good

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We’re just not celebrating, yet. KC is a very tough team. I want to beat them! In order to do that this team has to play 60 minutes of disciplined football.
I recognize that the team is undefeated, and I do feel good about that, but, we have some very tough competition coming up, and they’re getting more comfortable in their systems, too!
The time to win is right now! I don’t want to hear excuses, and so help me, if I see another, “we’re not ready this year, but, wait till next year”, post, I’m going to lose my shit!
We have a talented team. No excuses! No coddling!

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Go back in time to the third quarter against Arizona. You will find hardly any negative posts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


KC is beatable…we can beat KC… Any given Sunday, boyz. I think there will be fewer “critical” posts after this Sunday’s victory.

Mahomes forces a lot of footballs. He’s been lucky not to have more INT’s if you ask me. A quality secondary will make him pay for those risks. Hopefully Slay is 100%.

KC’s defense is ugly. I mean their so ugly they give Freddie Kruger nightmares. They gave up 200 + rushing yards to Bal in a ugly win too. Their secondary isn’t anything special either. KC is beatable and a defense like Patricia’s that gives up yrds and forces FG’s, turnovers and mistake could pull off the upset.

Ford Feild could be extremely loud this Sunday. Hopefully the Lions can get up early and the crowd gets roaring.

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I know they’re beatable. Long drives that end in Touch Downs. FG aren’t going to cut it. 3 and outs aren’t going to cut it. We have to beat their defense because our defense is going to have a tough time.

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To beat KC we would have to play our best game yet under Patricia. Plain and simple. I would not bet on us to win but I hope we can. Probably we won’t

If not, then we regroup, move on, take the bye week and focus on getting a W in Green Bay

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There is some truth to this. However there are enough “negative” posters who hide behind the idea of “being realistic.”

I think Xmark is a good example of a guy who just keeps it real, even if it appears that he’s trending negative alot of the time. But there are some others who simply aren’t happy unless they are bitching about something. And some can’t stop bitching about particular players or other particular people. That’s not “being realistic,” that’s just being a dick bringing down the entire mood of the room.


A young one, this is my 60th season even though I can not remember the first few years.


They’ve won one playoff game in 62 years (ONE!!!) and haven’t won a division in 26 years. The negativity is very VERY real.

There is no definition of “real” fan. All fans are created differently, we’re all human after all. I do know that it’s not being a real fan telling other fans how they should be a fan.


As far as being negative about the 2-0-1 start is concerned, I think it’s valid as long as it’s not over the top.

The positive is that they are undefeated to state the obvious and the positive is that they are undefeated despite several units that are perceived to be strengths are vastly underachieving. Another positive is beating two teams that looked like probable losses to start the season.

However, they blew a 24-6 fourth quarter lead to Arizona, they were thoroughly outplayed in the second half by the Chargers and won largely because of a Chargers implosion and the Eagles had a decimated WR corp and still outplayed the Lions for long stretches so it’s a 2-0-1 record but it’s a shaky one.

All in all, some negativity is warranted after 3 games. You take the wins and be happy with the wins but you can also look at the big picture and see that winning isn’t sustainable over the long haul unless the Lions improve in some key areas, coaches included.

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I’m cautiously optimistic. We have area’s of the game we need to tighten up, though. Even Matt.
It’s not negativity to recognize your team’s short comings. In fact, coming from an old coaches (yes, basketball, but, I’m sure football coaches go through the same processes) point of view, it’s mandatory

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We are not the coaches and we are not the players. We do not have to spend hours dissecting film of every little detail of what went wrong. Having some honest conversations about a game is fine, but some people go out of their way to be negative. They can’t breath if they don’t “put other fans in their place.”

Its okay to enjoy winning football games. I said it back during the 2015 season when I was living in the Carolinas that the Lions could never get the kind of local momentum that team had. It was a magic carpet ride, is how I explained it. With Lions fans we have too many people that are tripping over eachother to be the first one to tell us why we are going to lose the next game.


Some habits die hard. I played hockey, baseball, and football as a kid. I started coaching soccer when I was 19. Was in business for myself at 20. Was managing other people’s business at 26. Started coaching basketball at 41.
Sorry, if my evaluations drive you nuts. That’s who I am. I don’t have another way.

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Within this article is a clip about the Lions. Dungy and Rodney Harrison don’t believe in this Lions team. The latter thinks the Lions will be 2-3-1 after week 7:

Tony Dungy is like the Nina Simone of coaches. I feel like I’m supposed to like him and most people do, or at least say they do. But I don’t. he just annoys the heck out of me

I like a lot of his coaching philosophies and wisdoms. I tried to emulate him.

I think that many, maybe most, of the comments that seem to sound negative are really more critical in nature rather than straight up negative.

Critical thinking involves research, understanding the other point of view, searching for the truth, examining the reasons behind different statements… in short, anything other than blind acceptance or rejection.

So, when I complain about others negative comments, maybe, in reality, I’m the negative one…


I’m negative, cause this Lion’s seem to always break my heart, but I also don’t just post negative crap too. I have real concerns about this team.