So, now the Girls


Fire Scott Linehan!
Ah, well. Chances are we would have taken Bevell anyway.


Bring him in as offensive assistant if he does not get a OC position.


I actually wouldn’t be opposed to that. I really enjoyed Scott’s time here TBH.


What’s kind of ironic is Dallas fans are furious at Linehan for running the ball straight ahead on 4th and 1 against LA

In Detroit he got excoriated for not running enough


I’d love to see him hired as some sort of O-consultant/assistant coach. I like the mans body of work… and Stafford, even young and inexperience had some monster years when he was our OC.


The best weapon he ever had at RB was Jahvid Best, and he was only at full health 2 or 3 games his entire career.


Passing game coordinator


Now they’re going to promote Kellen Moore to OC and hire Jon Kitna to help at QB coach.

Who knew we had so many Dallas coaches come through our squad.


Garrett playcalling. Its going to be…interesting.

In others news , DanO seen at Hard8 BBQ near DFW airport and Mike McMahon seen on a highway overpass in Shreveport with a “Going West” cardboard sign…

No one can find Stony Case


Can’t believe we’re not talking more about the last two comments. A real popcorn moment for Detroit fans.


The other way around might actually work. Kitna is schooled in the WCO, and Air Coryell. Dude through over 3,000 yards with Pinner in the backfield, and Roy and Mike Furrey receiving!