So, the next 3 weeks look fun

Honestly this is probably the absolute best time we could be going to Philly


While I think Rodgers needs to start taking some of the easy checkdowns more often, the coaching staff also needs to understand who they are dealing with. Don’t try to turn Big Ben, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers into Drew Brees or Tom Brady. That’s not maximizing their game.


This win was big but they had 2 scores called back, we had more turnovers, they missed 2 FGs, we had an Agnew punt lost but luckily there was offsetting penalties, we missed a PAT and FG and they outgained us.

Another ugly one. Slay made a big play when he had to.

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Schwartz knows the old Matt and that playcalling… I wouldn’t be surprised if our new OC ripps them next week!

Yea one thing a little in our favor is minimal tape on Bevell in Detroit

There still is of course lots of tape on games he’s called prior to Detroit But he might do things a little different with Matt Stafford than he did with Russell Wilson

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Against Oakland, KC had 22 carries for 31 yards with the Raiders defense having 11 tackles for loss.

However, Oakland had no answer for the Chiefs passing game. 443 yards and all 4 TDs coming on bombs (or long passes) from Mahomes.

The Chiefs aren’t a good matchup for the Lions, which are more geared to stopping the run and short passing offenses.

I’m not as sold on Mahomes as everyone else is. Dude is good, for sure, but i Literally don’t think I’ve ever seen WRs consistently that wide open. Wow! He has tons of time back there too. Absolutely crazy to watch that shit right after a Lions game. LOL.

The Chiefs offense is not a good matchup for anyone. They really score at will. It has been referred to as a video game offense and that is exactly what it is.

The Lions will need to put together some long drives and finish with TD’s.

Somehow I think Matt P pulls out a great defensive game plan for that one. It is sort of the same way we thought the Rams would light us up last year but we ended up holding them in check for most of the game. Not sure we will win but at least it will be competitive for a while

You have to put pressure on an NFL QB and force him to move or throw early. Even a guy like Mahomes can make a mistake or a poor throw if he’s under duress often enough. And therein lies the key to the KC game for the Lions, I really don’t think the front four is good enough yet to consistently put pressure on him, so Patricia is going to have to unleash the blitz packages. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Jarrad Davis plays in that game, if not against Philly too. Not counting on Hand, dunno when he’s coming back.

When you play a pretty good team, you can’t give them any help. No TOs, and as few drops, penalties, blown coverages, and missed tackles and so forth. I was surprised the Chargers messed up as much as they did, but I’m not expecting the same thing from Philly and KC. Or GB either. So the Lions have to up their game considerably IMHO.

I don’t buy that Schwartz knows Stafford inside out. The two have been separated for quite some time, Matt has had to learn many different play schemes-Bevell being the latest.

Schwartz doesn’t know how our players will perform here in 2019, and hasn’t had to face KJ, Kenny G, MJ , Hock, Danny Amendola, our defense, our RB’s or Patricia much at all.

Stafford has not had SO many capable weapons before and if they are used correctly, I doubt Schwartz can stop us from moving the football and scoring.

I wouldn’t agree that I’m not “sold” on him, but Andy Reid is so good that it’s easier for Mahomes to be at his best (which is obviously really, really, really good). Most quarterbacks don’t have that luxury.

It’s a coaching issue that has always baffled me. Is it really that hard to be flexible as a coach to establish and implement a scheme that plays to your players’ strengths? Or are coaches just generally hard-headed and into the power dynamic of making players adapt to “their system”?

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Right, so if you’re married to someone for 5 years, you get divorced. 5 years later they’re perfect strangers…

He may know Staff, but not the Bevelled version…or better yet, Bedeviled…

In this case, not far from that. There are only three position players left from the 2015 roster: Stafford, Slay, Diggs. The other three are all STs: Muhlbach/Martin/Prater.

They’ll go 1-2.

Defeat Philly

I see no relevance to the different position players.

This is the guy Schwartz spent the most time with. This is the guy Schwartz spent the most time trying to use his strengths and conceal his weaknesses.

If Stafford changed, fundamentally, you could have fooled me.

The only question is whether or not that knowledge will be a significant benefit.

I think it is more relevant who the OC is than the players around him.

I think Stafford does different things under Bevell, than he did under Jim Bob, than he did under Lombardi than he did under Linehan.

I am pretty sure they will be game planning about what they expect BEVELL TO HAVE STAFFORD DO in each situation.

All that said, Schwartz knows that like every other QB, Stafford is not as good when the D in all over him and Schwartz likes to blitz as we saw last night. He brought the Saftey Blitz multiple times. I expect blitzes coming from all over the field trying to confuse our young OLine…all night long.

This game will hinge on how well we pick up the different blitzes Schwartz throws at us from our offensive point of view. Our D…we got to get more pressure and just hope Wentz continues to look really spotty like he did last night

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Does different things, but Stafford still is who he is with whatever inherent strengths and weaknesses.

It’s possible this could be used against Schwartz. Schwartz expects them to avoid “A” so do “A” more and do it better than he had before.

Good thought