So which one is the shady, biased media outlet again?


Wow — I had no idea Zero Hedge had a Twitter ban
Zero Hedge is a place that had fallen off my radar.
I have just recently said to myself I need to start going there again
Not sure if it’s shady or biased — but it certainly is short sighted

It’s their platform — they can do whatever the heck they’d like
The battle for free speech is a battle of consciousness— what is true in the world?
God — it’s so difficult to find truth

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I always thought that ZH had interesting content but holy cow their layout and copy editors should be shot.

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Seeking truth is a dangerous proposition, especially in mass media. I would be happy if there was consistent fact. Walter, it is a shame the news died with your retirement.

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I mean, it’s layout is better than Drudge…not saying much. The copy? Yeah. Plenty of stuff there is crap…but plenty is interesting, if poorly written. I just like snark too much to ever give it up.

The random bolding and ad placement inside the articles bothers the crap out of me.

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Oh and BTW this is who got ZH banned on twitter…

Buzzfeed now fired Senior "Journalist"for 11 known instances of plagiarism pedophile who wanted to be by his own admission the “Andy Warhol of erotic children’s photography”

I’m sure we will see plenty of media stories about Rush to Judgment…