So who’s left that we want

I need to hear from the experts . Who’s left that you want and can we afford them .

NFL Top 101 FA list

Chris Harris CB
Melvin Gordon RB
Logan Ryan CB
Malcolm Jenkins S
Ronald Darby CB
Jalen Mills CB
Jordan Howard RB

Replace Diggs? Slay traded? Power HB?

No DL guys?

Howard signed I thought with Miami.

I think we look at Shelton and Poe.

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Problem right now is that we don’t know the structure of the contracts.
That said, if we started FA out with 50 mil in cap:
-11 rookie pool
-10 reserves
-10 Collins
-10 Vaitai
-3 Daniels
-3 Williams
+6 Kennard

So, there’s roughly 10 mil to spend. We are desperate for a NT, so that’s where we have to go. DJ Reader would be my choice, but they’ll have to shuffle money around to make that happen.

a NT an a CB if we trade Slay Logan Ryan could be who they could add at CB I had said

Vernon Butler DT
Trae Waynes CB
Ronald Darby CB show me deal
I would be ok with resigning Tavon Wilson S

Lots of available players in the CB market. D line is looking a little thin.

there is a lot more than TEN to spend. The OT will not be 10 this season likely about 6-7

Yes Lions have much more than 10 to spend. Some fans just do not understand how the cap works. Need to re sign Tavon Wilson, get a CB, RB and cheap WR.

Former Bears 1st Round Leonard Floyd, who is still only 27, might be a nice reclamation project.

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Yeah the way the D line is going it sure looks like Derrick Brown is the pick .

Looks like Reader signed with the Bengals

Ian Rapoport



#Texans defensive tackle DJ Reader is expected to land with the #Bengals on a 4-year, $53M deal, source said. Cincy is in the free agent mix.

  1. Run-stuffin’ DT

  2. CB (2 if Slay leaves)

  3. Pass Rusher

I don’t think the Lions have much money left, so they ain’t going to satisfy all 3 of these plus other positions that could stand to be upgraded. They need to hit on some Day 3 picks.

Yes, there’ll be more, depending on how the contract is structured. I showed baseline averages for the sake of establishing a starting point. People began FA with 50 on their mind. These little incremental moves they just made do add up. So, depending on how much is deferred into future years, the starting point is 10-ish. How much of Collins’ 3x30 is going to be in future years? Vaitai, with the length of his contract, is where there’s the greatest likelihood of 1st year savings. So, where you looking? 14? 15?
It’s tight at this point. You’re looking at 1 potential starter unless, of course, it’s really another team’s backup as has been the case so far.

Howard’s gone. He is going to Mia.

Mia offered Gordon a contract and he declined the offer so they went after Jordan.

I have to wonder if Gordon has an inflated worth and I’m curious to see where he lands and for how much.

I think Shelton is one of our targets. I highly expect us to land another starting DT.


Food for thought…

Last year we carried 5 safeties.
Today there are only 3 on the roster.

Wilson’s agent says they are moving on.

Which is weird.