Some OG prospects discussed

I like Robert Hunt a lot. Just to throw this out there:

That is why many sites are important to see where guys go. Having a deep guard draft is a BIG help for the Lions as they maybe can get a starting level guard in later 3rd rd. and maybe even the 4th rd.

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Muti has bust written all over him. I think he’s a bigger risk factor than Tua. An Achilles injury is about as career ending as they come. I wouldn’t touch that guy before round 7.

I like Jackson and Hunt for the Lions. I think both would be a good fit.

Lot of good Gs

I like Kindley he is a plug and play G and would be our best G day one.

I like Onwenu if we’re moving to a power run game. He’s a road grader, extremely powerful, generates movement, but not fleet of foot.

So long as he doesn’t need to pull a lot I think he’s a guy to look at in the 4th or 5th, at least that’s where I think he gets picked.

Paired with V should make for a reliable run game on the right side.

Has long arms and huge hands as well.