Some practical advice in dealing with COVID-19

Bonnie Henry MD MPH FRCPC (born 1965/1966) is a Canadian physician who is the Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia, the first woman in this position. Henry is also an associate professor at the University of British Columbia. She has a background in epidemiology and is a specialist in public health and preventive medicine (also known as community medicine). Her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia earned praise in a dedicated New York Times article that called her “one of the most effective public health officials in the world”.

Dr. Bonnie Henry’s Notes to all of us

  1. We may have to live with C19 for months or years. Let’s not deny it or panic. Let’s not make our lives useless. Let’s learn to live with this fact.

  2. You can’t destroy C19 viruses that have penetrated cell walls by drinking gallons of hot water - you’ll just go to the bathroom more often.

  3. Washing hands and maintaining a two-metre physical distance is the best method for your protection.

  4. If you don’t have a C19 patient at home, there’s no need to disinfect the surfaces at your house.

  5. Packaged cargo, gas pumps, shopping carts and ATMs do not cause infection. If you wash your hands, live your life as usual.

  6. C19 is not a food infection. It is associated with drops of infection like the flu. There is no demonstrated risk that C19 is transmitted by food.

  7. You can lose your sense of smell with a lot of allergies and viral infections. This is only a non-specific symptom of C19.

  8. Once at home, you don’t need to change your clothes urgently and go shower! Purity is a virtue, paranoia is not!

  9. The C19 virus doesn’t hang in the air for long. This is a respiratory droplet infection that requires close contact.

  10. The air is clean, you can walk through the gardens and through parks (just keeping your physical protection distance).

  11. It is sufficient to use normal soap against C19, not antibacterial soap. This is a virus, not a bacteria.

  12. You don’t have to worry about your food orders. But you can heat it all up in the microwave, if you wish.

  13. The chances of bringing C19 home with your shoes is like being struck by lightning twice in a day. I’ve been working against viruses for 20 years — drop infections don’t spread like that!

  14. You can’t be protected from the virus by taking vinegar, sugarcane juice and ginger! These are for immunity, not a cure.

  15. Wearing a mask for long periods interferes with your breathing and oxygen levels. Wear it only in crowds.

  16. Wearing gloves is also a bad idea; the virus can accumulate into the glove and be easily transmitted if you touch your face. Better just to wash your hands regularly.

  17. Immunity is greatly weakened by always staying in a sterile environment. Even if you eat immune-boosting foods, please go out of your house regularly to any park/beach. Immunity is increased by EXPOSURE TO PATHOGENS, not by sitting at home and consuming fried/ spicy/sugary food and aerated drinks.

Be smart and stay informed!

Live life sensibly and to the fullest. Be Kind, Be Calm, and Be Safe.

Dr Bonnie Henry

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Sounds like a bunch of common sense, don’t bring that stuff around here… We’re told to lock down, wear a mask always and not live our lives until this thing is GONE :joy:

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“Purity is an virtue; panic is not”!! Love it!!

I wish more people would take her approach to this thing. It’s amazing to me how many people resist talk like this. She makes too much sense.

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Interesting - So it was said by Dr. Faheen Younus, the Chief of Infectious Diseases, University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health and not by Dr. Henry?

I like this part:

“The list of 16 items runs the gamut of sound bite-style take-aways from Dr. Henry’s many press conferences and interviews, however while the ideas may ring somewhat familiar in step with things she has said, none of the items on the list are direct quotes from Dr. Henry, nor did she assemble the list.”

So she’s basically said all of the same stuff, she just didn’t put it together in a list like this.


Yeah I thought that was funny too.

To be honest… That’s pretty much everything in the news today.

Rarely are quotes in context. Often people are attributed to saying things they didn’t actually say.

These apparently aren’t her words but they are her beliefs for the most part.

But all that article shows is that their are two experts who think the same way.

All the more important to vet sources online and try to find the original article and not a “recap”. If the list was spread out and not in a single post, the context will vary quite bit as the situation changed with time. Scientists have the right to change opinion as new information/data appears. Just the nature of it.

Mainly, don’t rely on the MSM for your information about Corona and associated risks.


Six months into this pandemic, Americans still dramatically misunderstand the risk of dying from COVID-19:

  1. On average, Americans believe that people aged 55 and older account for just over half of total COVID-19 deaths; the actual figure is 92%.

  2. Americans believe that people aged 44 and younger account for about 30% of total deaths; the actual figure is 2.7%.

  3. Americans overestimate the risk of death from COVID-19 for people aged 24 and younger
    by a factor of 50; and they think the risk for people aged 65 and older is half of what it actually is (40% vs 80%).

These results are nothing short of stunning. Mortality data have shown from the very beginning that the COVID-19 virus age-discriminates, with deaths overwhelmingly concentrated in people who are older and suffer comorbidities. This is perhaps the only uncontroversial piece of evidence we have about this virus. Nearly all US fatalities have been among people older than 55; and yet a large number of Americans are still convinced that the risk to those younger than 55 is almost the same as to those who are older.

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They need to conduct their survey in college towns. That’s where we hear the term “boomer broomer” coming from and, of course, reports of Covid parties. Clearly the college crowd (students anyway) knows who’s at risk.

And, on cue, here’s what’s trending:


And people want to defend the media… they’re shameless hacks pushing a narrative and have been for years. People are weak, you can see it everywhere you look, they do as their told and are largely oblivious to what’s actually happening in the world… No long term thought goes into their decisions, no perspective, nothing matters except what immediately benefits them. If people took the time to read, research and form their own opinion, the world would be much better for it. But they have the attention span of a mosquito and will fall in line like sheep being herded to believe whatever the box with moving pictures or a celebrity tells them.


That’s not entirely true. Certainly there are a large chunk of viewers that simply want to be fed whatever makes them feel good about themselves, but there’s also a large chunk of the population that recognizes the bologna that’s been fed them by the media in general. They recognize how twisted what’s reported is from what’s real. A certain president is never elected without his tapping into that sense of being falsely accused or labeled by a biased media.

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Its crazy that the data on the virus is so clear, yet the media still tries to push falsehoods on it. I can’t imagine how much they would be lying if the data were mixed instead of clear. If you are over 40 you start to become part of the risk group based on age, but typically you’d need another factor (like asthma) for it to take you down. So, there are some cases of that. So what does the media do with that data? They make a demographic that takes 44 year olds and groups them in with 20 year olds, and then push a narrative that X percent of “people as young as 20” are dying from the virus. So dishonest.

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So much for those vetted sources…Twitter and the Gummi Bear, yeah that’s a reputable source, and the dems are most likely misinformed? LOL>

As yours are…

When you can’t attack the facts, you attack the source… Typical…

I’d say Gallup and an asset firm with 70 years of experience are pretty reliable. Next…


Going off road here …

If 4 out of 5 posters here suffer from diarrhea… Does that mean only one of us truly enjoys it?! :crazy_face:

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Real links, to real data, can be your friend.
Just like this one.

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SHHHHHHHHHH… The wrong person said it works so obviously that can’t be true.

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