Somebody tell me why we did not kick


The extra point, before my skull explodes.


Same reason Stafford looked mediocre (again), Zack Zenner was our featured offensive talent, Quin looks 70 years old, and Prater forgot how to kick a field goal.

Same reason Patricia already looks lionized.


Stafford has less then 3 seconds to throw the ball to receivers who can’t get open in 5 seconds… The PI call on the slay that was a total BS call was really the one that broke this camels back. That and the botched EP and missed field goal, Stafford played good for the most part with the pressure he was under


Okay, the snap was bad. I didn’t get to see it, the wife was flapping her lips and I was distracted, er, (listening).




Well no QB has 5 seconds to throw. And Stafford is smack middle of the pack in time to throw


I don’t believe that for a second, or even 2.4 seconds.