Sondland, buddy of Trump, to ignore State Dept. and testify

He’ll be there next week.

The former Ukraine ambassador is going to testify today, but we can predict what Trumpets will say: FAKE NEWS! SHE’S JUST ANOTHER OBAMA APPOINTEE (she’s not)! SHE’S CORRUPT! OUR SAVIOR WILL PREVAIL!

Right, that’s fine. Whatever. Expected.

But Sondland is a different matter entirely. He got his position as diplomat after donating a few million to the Trump campaign. He’s a golfing buddy of Trump. He has ZERO connections to the mythical “deep state.” And he’s bucking Pompeo’s rule for State Dept. to ignore subpoena’s by talking. Should make for an interesting next week.

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Don’t expect him to say anything damaging to the POTUS. If you recall, he was the one CORRECTING saying to be clear, you’ve got it wrong. The President explicitly said, no quid pro quo. So what it appeared, is the Deep Stater trying to bait Sondland into admitting that it was aid for investigation via text. Womp wooooomp! What he got via text was, the President explicitly said he is NOT going to engage in that. So we’ll see.

Possible. Like I said, it’ll make for an interesting week.

But don’t defend him as trying to be “CORRECTING.” We have text transcripts. He urgently wanted to take the conversation to the phone once he was pressed into texting about quid pro quo (which we know obviously happened). You don’t respond with, “Um, call me” when someone is texting you about an illegal scheme unless you’re a bit nervous about leaving a paper trail.

You really believe that? A five hour delay, where we knew he contacted the President, followed by a very legal answer?

He may have been baiting him to get him to admit that it was a quid pro quo, but why would that make him a Deep Stater? Why not simply somebody who saw wrong doing and was trying to get evidence that it was happening? People like that are usually called patriots.

BTW glad you find your way here. Welcome.

You do when it becomes clear you are being baited by a Deep State actor who would love nothing more than to twist what you are saying into something illegal, so you can whistleblow to Schiff who will not release the whole transcript because it turns the narrative on it’s ear. You do when you’ve witnessed the whole FISA fiasco and the Mueller probe play out over years. You do when FBI, DoJ, CIA and NSA leadership have staged a coup on the President by selectively leaking to a press foaming at the mouth to get rid of the guy. BTW he also said if you have questions to contact two other folks for clarification.

Nice to see you as well my friend!! Couldn’t have had a better morning than finding you guys and putting off work to reconnect lol!!

I could see perception carrying the day here Ted. You probably think Strozk, Page, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, (Lerner… lol couldn’t resist bro) are all Patriots. Because Trump is just that bad to throw out all the rules and coup or not it needs to happen. I do not feel that way and personally cannot wait until Durham validates much of what we’ve been mocked for suggesting. TBD right.



We’ll see. You are certainly right about perception.

Dirty hands, well see if they wash. Deep State, that’s a really good one although there are people on your list that deserve plenty of scrutiny.

Whatever name you want to call it, but it is as real AF. Comey is a prime example. He is an unelected bureaucrat who leaked a Oval Office conversation with the expressed goal of it leaking to the media to prompt a Special Council investigation. At this point in the game, he knew a lot more than he let on to his boss. In fact, he was trying to fool him and those close to him to giving him ammunition to unseat him. Yes, I call that Deep State. An “insurance policy?” Deep State. “WE, won’t let that happen?” Deep State. It is not a joke. It is Intel folks in a cabal to overturn an election and or prevent the possibility for the American people to have him as an option in 2020. Deep State is exactly what it is. It’s wrong, un-American and illegal. They will hopefully pay dearly for their activity and the sunlight will hopefully keep people in their lanes in the future.