Sorry everyone

My city is being shut down, piece by piece, by the hour.

Almost a thousand people were laid off today, with several hundred more on the chopping block next week.

Entire bar staffs. Entire waitstaffs. Entire housekeeping crews – ALL laid off for at least a month without pay.

Vegas is already being hit hard, and it’s only going to get worse. Much, much worse. Occupancy rates for The Strip TONIGHT are topping off at 15%.

Wish me luck. My disabled ass will be crossing my fingers for a hostel vacancy at the end of the month. That sounds extreme, but only because humor is my defense … My wife and I are already out two months worth of income – and it gets worse everyday – my wife’s business literally depends on interacting with senior citizens.

I don’t know how we will pay rent at the end of the month.

Let alone next month.

Blame the media, blame the current administration … I don’t care anymore, and neither does Vegas. I’m already negatively impacted and so are thousands of others. It really doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to partisanship.


I certainly hope to God I don’t have a seizure, but considering my triggers? I’m expecting one within the next 24 hours. Most certainly within the next 36.

Again, I don’t care anymore as far as who’s at fault. It’s too late for my family, in so many ways. Anyway, sorry to bitch and moan …

I’m sorry if I’m not around as much to mediate the petty squabbles. I know I can be an asshole sometimes, but at the end of the day – you guys are just passionate about your points of view – and always have been. I started posting here at around 15 years old, so I can now reflect on the personalities of the regulars and actually admire aspects of the stubbornness, but ESPECIALLY the kindness. Acknowledge the POV of those who don’t see it the way I did. Love the guys who stick by their guns, even if it’s unpopular.

ALL OF IT has shown a kid that never had a Father how different POVs can react. Trust me, I picked up on that, and appreciate it more than this community will ever know.

Yes, the referee work between several grown ass men is annoying, but Hell, I even got close to being able to translate @espnbaby. :wink:

But I’m not sure I’ll have time for this anytime soon. I really hope I can come back to things eventually, but this city is already being hit hard with things only about to get worse, and did I mention?

I seriously don’t know how I’ll pay rent this month.

Good thing the streets are getting warmer.

And if I can’t pay rent, I certainly can’t pay for phone and/or internet.

I feel like such a failure to this community.

I am genuinely, sincerely sorry. You guys have no idea. And for that, I’m actually legitimately glad.


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Some of you were tagged as an FYI, some because I figured you’d like to laugh in my face. At this point, it is what it is.


This is hitting everyone. Granted some are more effected than others (like yourself). Hope you can hold out for another month, before things get back closer to normal.

As far as rent or mortgage woes, isn’t there any access of gov’t assistance? I really can’t see people being thrown into the streets during this chaos.

Hoping for the best for those hit very hard by this. So far I’m lucky, I just have to start working from home.


Good luck to you and everyone affected by this!!!

Hope everything works out and stay strong bro!

You got this…:pray:


According to the numbers, we most definitely won’t.

But i absolutely appreciate any and all positive thoughts thrown my way.

At this point, why not.

Sorry about the sob story. The other mods can delete this later.


Do you have any family you can live with until this calms down? I figure you may need only about a 6 to 12 month window.

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Get a gofundme going and post the link to The Den. And PM me. I’m sorry you’re going through this, buddy.


Adrian. I am soooooo sorry to hear that you and your family are going through this!

I know things are going to get tougher for MANY! But I do what you to remember, while this is getting tougher right now, it’s only going to be for a short time. (They are saying 60 days) Then things will level out and start getting better. So, this is going to be temporary.

Me and my family are strong believers in our Lord and Savior. I want you to know, that me and my family will be praying for you and your family. Along with anyone else being effected by this COVID-19.

Hang in there Adrian. Please, never give up! Don’t ever give up! You too will weather this storm!

I pray that you walk in the light that he provides. I pray for you to have peace and understanding to know the path to follow. And to know where this goodness does come from.

May God protect and bless you in all of your ways!! In Jesus’ name I ask! Amen!!


Adrian — like somebody above said — 60 days — maybe more, not less
The world needs to take a measured approach to this
We’re already saying our tenants may have problems— and we will be assessing what is best approach for us to take
Your landlord may be doing the same
Everything needs to take a pause — this is outside everyone’s control
Your best bet may be to contact your landlord and be straight about the situation
If he’s a reasonable human being she/he will work with you
That is in everyone’s best interest
Just my nickels worth …

It’s tough when our worlds turned off as well know it; even expect it to be forever.

I’ve said in many different ways here - we never know what the next movement will bring in this broken world. There’s a reason my call sign is Abject! It reminds me I’m not in control like I think I am… the beauty in being an addict / alcoholic who been lucky enough to recover thru my higher power, thru God.

Your world is being shaken brother and my prayers are NG or you and all to use it to find your God, learn to trust in your God no matter how short people and this world get!

I’ve been homeless and living in car, a back room at work and in a tent in the woods hiding on private property …

Now, today, I’m 50,000 on debt for a lawyer I had to get to fight for my life against allegations that could put my i jail for life! It sucks, but my internal peace and serenity come from my relationship with God… this place is temporary my brothers!

I hope everyone here find what I have in their own way and path … I trust Him even in the midst of almost two yrs litigation, lost my state job and living solely of retirement … but God got my back and he will have your if you trust in him with patience! I get what I need, not what I want and he give it on his time line not mine!

This is preachy but we need to know the is hope! Period!’ You have to find it!

Prayers to all suffering they tjis and Adrian as well! May He keep you in His hands safely thru these trails! Love you all!!


Great idea, I’d gladly contribute

There are no easy answers here and it’s hard not to try and blame people, but I don’t feel it’s going to help at this time.

In the last half hour I read that a facility in the Seattle area tested their 90 ish employees and over half of them have teseted positive, a Florida ® Senator just put himself in quarantine, NY State confirmed their first death.

It’s so frustrating to hear that people are afraid of losing their homes, jobs and lives over an illness they had no part in creating. I will say one thing that bothers me the most is that our FOR profit health care in this country is fucking disgusting and this is part of the reason our response has been garbage and nobody has clear direction from our leadership.

I also read a woman was admitted to the hospital with what seemed to be symptoms of this virus. However, the hospital is not equipped to treat this, does not have tests for it and is not going to get tests for this any time soon. HOWEVER, you can bet your fucking life that this woman will get slapped with $1000+ in medical bills for her hospital stay where they refused basically all treatment. We look like idiots right now.

Best of luck and my prayers are with you and your family in this crucial time. I would imagine there should be some programs to help families in this crisis.

I am so sorry Adrian , The world has gone bat-$#!7 crazy over this virus scare. It’s not your fault that half the Earth’s population believe wholeheartedly in the virus and believe the world will end , while the other half sit back and laugh at the others. but it does dramatically impact our economy and then there is a snowball effect until months from now until the scare is over.

I wish you a huge recovery !!! in more ways than one brother. there is a list of other viruses that were ‘THE ONE’ and they all are in the past: The Swine Flu, The Ebola Outbreak , The Bird Flu , Sids, and more. Things will recover quickly back to a “normal” level once the hysteria dies down. Until then, Keep the faith that things will get better. We all go through horrible things in our lives . The good Lord see’s us through. best of luck and fortune AD.

Man that sucks. I thought I had it bad. The wife and I grocery shop every Friday, so we did the norm yesterday, yet we have TP, but with 3 in house it’s not going to last long. Any way no TP hope for the best for you and everyone.

And, I would strongly suggest you look for aid outside of government sources as well.
My Church has a financial collection every weekend that is specifically made for people that are down on their luck or in a tough spot.
All kinds of churches provide assistance. Financial, work, housing and etc.


Very sorry to hear this Adrian! Hang in there, this too shall pass brother.

I agree a Gofundme page is a great idea! Post the link here if you do.

All this suffering, for what? A disease that has a 97% recovery rate…Uhg… Sorry about your troubles. Go Fund Me is an excellent idea to get you over the hump. The feds have stated unemployment will be available, so that may be an option as well.

Hang tough buddy. Tough times don’t last tough people do. There are many that will be going through the same situation in the coming days. You’re not alone. With so many who will be in the same situation, hope the government needs to provide relief.

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My heart goes out to you, buddy.

I own a hotel so I feel your pain. I’m confident that I can weather this but I’m worried about my employees

Sorry to hear about your troubles Adrian.
I know it doesn’t seem like it now but this will pass eventually and you will see the light again. Just like what a lot of others are going through, you just have to weather the storm take care of your loved ones, stay safe and hang in there until this thing subsides then you can return to some sense of normalcy.

In the meantime, try to explain the situation to your landlord and hopefully he/she are reasonable enough to understand the situation and work out some sort of payment plan with you to allow you some relief in the short term. All the best to you my friend. Stay strong