Source: ‘100% False’ the Detroit Lions are trying to trade Jarrad Davis

Never heard that rumor to begin with.


Me either.

I wonder if he has any trade value at this point anyways?
I guess a team with a strong coaching staff would take a shot, like NE, Pitt, or Philly.

This is how to start a rumor.

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Neither have I, but I’m telling you just this morning when I was typing in the 4-3 thread I thought to myself once again “what are they going to do with Davis… there should have been at least a rumor he’d be traded”. LOL

They obviously love the guy and want him here. It will be interesting to see what his role is this year and how things progress with a 2nd year Tavai. In Davis’s defense, it’s hard to judge him in a vacuum. He is part of a group that included a greenhorn and Jones. Still, that tape does cause a bit of indigestion for me.

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Source says Davis on the block. Team source says bullshit…film @ 11

If the Lions really “love Davis and want him here” then the Lions coaches should all be fired.
Davis was the worst graded LB in all the NFL last season ( at least at one point he was, not sure if he finished the year as the lowest).

I think Davis has benefited from the lack of LB’s on this roster over the last two seasons…and being on his rookie deal still. I’m pretty certain if the Lions had a viable replacement for Davis, he’d be shown the door or the bench.

I do agree that it’s hard to judge LB’s when you have no D-line. There just seems to be more coming at the LB’s to properly do their job…but still, the bad ones still stand out…and Davis stands-out more than all the rest combined.

This is Davis’s last year on his rookie deal. I think next year at this time, you’ll see articles about Davis and Davis being quoted as saying, “I’ve not heard anything from them (the Lions)”…as they’ll let him walk and no one will be mad at the Front Office for it.





Here’s an excerpt from the Packers game about our LB’s:

The Lions’ linebacking corps was a liability today. They struggled in coverage, failed to seal the ends in the running game and they also missed several tackles.

But they made up for it by not reading blocks.


A great way to get word out that a player is on the trading block in a manner to avoid you risking it leaking to the player that you have reached out to other teams, is to simply make a statement that said player is “not on the trading block.”

All teams are instantly alerted that you may indeed be willing to listen to offers and you can genuinely say to that player that you didn’t reach out to anyone.

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Would be fitting if we over-pursued the trade offer


Probably above their comprehension.

We should absolutely be trying to trade him. Maybe to Philly for Sidney Jones, bust for bust. At least Jones has a legit reason for his struggles and may still have some upside.

Annnnnd we will be shutting down the internet today, as nothing better will be said.

That is a fantastic post, well played.

This whole thing is internet gold.

it was on twitter a few days ago but everyone (mienke, birkett, rogers etc) was tweeting out it was false almost immediately so it never really went anywhere.

Source: “100% true, you can’t trade someone that nobody wants”

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What does it say about how pathetic your franchise is that you have to deny trade rumors about an unimpactful LB who was a blown first-round pick?

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