Source: Linebacker Baun has diluted sample?

RIP Charles Rogers but wasn’t his sample diluted as well?

diluted sample of what weed !? that has taken over America, but hell Baun had a “diluted” sample ?? :smiley:

I can understand if it’s Coke or somethin more wicked, but not weed…20 years ago? yeah maybe…

Hope he drops to our 3rd or 4th round pick from it!

He had too much water in his sample. You can’t be too hydrated. They think you might be masking something. That’s stupid. They forget that the players run, do drills, etc., all day for a couple of days

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Exactly. It doesn’t necessarily mean he is trying to hide something but It is a common practice for those trying to pass a drug test when they know they are going to pop dirty. It’s a red flag in outpatient Addiction work and probation.


Do they really even care that much about weed anymore? I’m sure it’s necessitates a drop but I’m not sure it’s a severe one.

a diluted sample of pee. It’s diluted so they can’t see if anything is in it. Could be anything, could be nothing.
And weed becomes an issue really fast for an NFL team if a player gets suspended for it.

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Diluted could be to cover up PED use, not just weed.


I defended a lawsuit once based upon a guy who gave a diluted sample. After missing a probation department appointment, at the next one, they told him to go to the hospital and be tested. Rather than go to the local hospital, he drove a half hour away and there was a big time gap between the order and the test. He ended up getting the 58 day balance of a suspended sentence (originally 60 days). He sued claiming the probation officer lied to the judge about a positive test. Jury ultimately found that the diluted sample was a failed test.

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I think if you’re an NFL team you have to assume the excess water was for hiding a PED, not for weight gain.

Why? Well, duh, because you’ve not only failed to fool the league that you weight 238, you’re prolly less than 235. Maybe close to 230. A gallon of water weighs 10 lbs by the way. So why would you bother doing that? Oh yeah, because you were using PEDs ahead of the combine. Any other line of thought is naive.

That said, it wouldn’t necessarily take him off my board. It would drop him a round or two.

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