Sphere Homecoming redeaux!

Decided to have a Friday night get together as had happened in the past. Sent Armbruster the Airheaded Airedale around the Sphere to invite all the Spheroids to the party. Pomeroy the Pudgy Podiatrist was the first to show up. He was full of happy news that his foot fetish internet site was up and running. I made the mistake of asking what his nic was, and he replied ," Archie, of course!"
Next up was Percy the Purple Python. He was accompanied by his main squeeze Pamela the Pink Python. He went to get a couple Green Hammers, and while he was gone, Pamela looked at me and started batting her eyes ! Luckily at that point, Percy came back, and the situation de-escalated .
The Girls from the home showed up, and started the grill going. There was constant chatter from them as to how to properly light the bugger off. Everyone of them had a different idea. I tried to interject my thoughts, but got roundly told where to put it and where to go with it afterwards. Didn’t know ladies knew such language. I just hoped the grill would be going when Llarry The Llost Llama Lleader came with the Llamaburgers .
Speaking of Llarry, this was when he showed up with not only the Llamaburgers, but also some fish fillets ! I asked Llarry where he got them, and he said that the Piranhas had gotten out of their Petting Zoo Pond, and had taken up residence in the water reservoir ! He thought of catching some of them for the party, so he had one of the younger Llamas run down into the water, and then run out. As the young Llama ran out, several Piranhas were attached to his flanks , and the other Llamas bit them off, then filleted them.
So, the party was off to a great start. The food was excellent, there were copious drinks, and the conversation didn’t bore anyone. Good times, good times.

I either love this, or am terrified.

Get back to you on which…

Is that a look of disbelief ? To prove my assertations, I have a one time offer of a rental Quonset hut that you need to fix up to inhabit. This is so you can observe the atmosphere of the Sphere. Evidently you play guitar, wonderful, you could accompany Percy the Purple Python when he plays his squeezebox on Friday nights !

Oh nice an aspiring writer…can’t wait unti you write something worthwhile.

I …

Leo — got any pictures from the event?
I have no idea what you’re talking about
Sounds like a great time though!

You show the sphere some respect! Maybe you weren’t around way back then, when Leo’s tales where fun reads.

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Mr. Golden Lions ,Sir. Moi ? An aspiring writer ? Heaven forbid. I merely wish to report.