Stafford cost us this game. We need to trade him

After every loss the boards covered with negative Stafford posts and how we should move on. This week should be no different.

Stafford absolutely cost us this game. We need to trade him to accumulate draft picks and cap space.

That way BQ can spend another 20M on the next Flowers and we can go draft the next Tribustski.

Yeah this is 100% sarcasm … I seriously think with Stafford we win this game. Without him we’re drafting first overall. :hot_face:

I’m greatly disappointed in our OL play and our entire defense. With every game I lose more faith in MP.

I’m vary much worried that those who want Stafford gone may get their wish sooner than later as back injuries could end his career.

I seriously believe we will be back to drafting the Longs, Batches and Harrington’s. Once again making this team unbearable to watch. I am starting to think the window of hope is closing.

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The Lions window of hope is 30 stories up and the room is on fire


Not that I disagree. But …

I was confident BQ and MP should and would get one more year. But if things are as bad as they seem than maybe the Fords should blow it all up.

I’m really not sure I can handle another rebuild. The day Stafford leaves this organization will probably be the day I completely lose interest. It’s not a decision that I’m making, I just feel it in my gut.

Seeing that headline this morning that Stafford wasn’t playing was like a kick in the nuts. I completely lost interest in this game today, I really dread watching a Driskel lead team for the rest of the season. He did a fairly good job today. He played his heart out. But there’s just not enough talent in the other areas of this team to make up for the talent difference between him and Stafford.

I’m sick of watching B level RBs
I’m sick of looking at another injured Lion player after every freaking play.
It pissed me off seeing the DL get pressure today wondering where the F that’s been all year.
I look at Slay playing and feel like he’s mailed it in already. Probably going to lose him too.

The football highlight of my weekend was watching LSU beat Alabama, and I could really give 2 shits about either of those teams.

It’s getting bad. I haven’t felt this bad about our team in a long time.

I think FarmerTed said it best when he said that he’s lost on how to even improve this team at this point. I feel the same way. Where do you even begin? None of the answers look like something I can stomach anymore.

A buddy of mine is a bears fan, yes i’ve thought about disowning him. He called me after game for sole purpose of telling me that with Stafford we win going away. Also wanted to know why we would just let biscuit sit back there. Any qb in football could succeed with the time he had. Said we were first team all year to not bring pressure and said we are poorly coached cuz we don’t attack other teams weaknesses. That’s coming from a bear fan who’s team won. I couldn’t argue or defend any of it


They scored on 2 penalty aided drives and a super short field. People are overblowing the game Mitch had. We brought pressure and we sacked Mitch.

I don’t think we got much pressure until later in the game when we started blitzing.

The drive right before half is the one that really bothers me. He went 7/7 on that drive and ate brunch and a mid day snack while watching a couple episodes of friends back there while waiting for someone to get open

We completely shut down their offense and sacked Mitch several times, as well as flushed him and made him get rid of the ball quickly on other plays. That’s what the entire 1st half looked like before the final drive.

If Jeff Driskell doesn’t pull a Jeff Driskel on one play the Bears probably score 14-17. The defense was fine. Especially considering they lost Slay and Daniels again.