Stafford defies NFLPA 'recommendation'

…and works out with teammates again.

Love it!

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I trust Stafford to be responsible about COVID
And to be an enforcer on everyone keeping distance
They don’t need to become another story

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I approve…

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The story doesn’t tell if maybe they have had tests done prior to the workout, or what precautions they have implemented or not.
I agree with Sleets.
Stafford is a family man. He wants that NFCN title.
He knows they need practice.
He knows they need to stay as healthy as possible.
Might as well be as ready as possible.

Love seeing this! Stafford is a great leader. I’m sure he and the other players are taking appropriate precautions while still maintaining the ability to practice as best they can.

Go Lions!

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look , if they are reducing or not having a full preseason, Matt wants as much PT with his team mates as he can get BEFORE the season hits. good for him !

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Geez, I sure hope he’s being smart about it. I mean, there’s a chance there might not even be a football season and he has a wife that had a brain surgery a year or so ago who is pregnant and they have other small children. I’d be scared shitless if my wife was compromised at all and pregnant.

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Don’t worry Snags, Kelly has got it under control. Pic of Daddy Matt and Uncle Amendola cleaning up after a sleep-over during quarantine. We know who calls the plays in this huddle…

I can’t say this for certain, but everything I know about them tells me the Staffords have a shitload of faith…That Matters Bigtime

If reports about contracting the disease are true, and ppl with strong immune systems are almost guaranteed to be safe, I wonder if it would be a good strategy to just have every one intentionally get it on purpose and regulate it? Is there a way to gently introduce it to the system and build up a tolerance, or is it like wildfire in your system?
Is anyone, or has anyone, looked into this approach?

I’m just a life coach with a teaching degree…I’m SUPPOSED TO BE ignorant on this sort of stuff.

Recent reports suggest that patients who have had Covid19 can get it again.

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Not only that, they can carry it around and infect other people.

Curious about that percentage and whether those who did were immunocompromised in some way.

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Here’s a layman’s article with links to the study.

"Both groups (symptomatic and asymptomatic) who caught the virus had relatively similar immune responses at first. But two to three months later, over 90% of both groups experienced a significant reduction in covid-19 specific IgG antibodies; a majority of both groups also experienced a drop in the antibodies that block the virus from infecting cells, which are called neutralizing antibodies. This decline in IgG and neutralizing antibodies was more severe for asymptomatic people, with around 40% becoming seronegative for IgG, meaning their levels had dropped past the point of detection (12% of the symptomatic group also became seronegative).

The findings “might indicate the risks of using COVID-19 ‘immunity passports,’” the scientists wrote. But as they admit, we still need a lot more research to confirm these results and to know whether immunity could be so brief."

Luv it! He seems to be on a mission this year!


I wonder about a lot - like…ever sense your body is fighting a cold, the flu, etc…but you never reeeeeaaally get sick. Just sleep extra for a day or two?

Exposure, and technically, you have it… BUT… it doesn’t “get you”.

From what they are saying, most ppl who get Corona don’t even know they ever had it. Exposure. There are antibody tests, and if you have already had it they WANT you to donate blood. I don’t know if this shit can be transmitted through blood or not.

I just feel like there should be a panel of doctors that teach about building immune systems, teach us what is REAL, etc. Feels like poor leadership though this process.

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Agreed …Florio had this same stance/take …Defies (Agenda Driven ) …The title of this thread is the same.
You can not defy a recommendation. Using the word Defy has a negative, done on purpose steering intent to the delivered message .
Recommendations are nothing more than a potential response to a given situation you could practice should you lack the ability to make educated decisions on your own to a situation that might present it’s self …


From that article, this is somewhat encouraging:

or instance, a study recently published in Nature Medicine looked at blood samples collected from 149 recovered patients an average 39 days post-illness. Though most of these patients seemed to have relatively low levels of neutralizing antibodies, the researchers still found that they provided “potent antiviral activity” in all patients tested.

Another consideration is memory B cells, which help quickly ramp up the immune system, including antibody production, in response to reinfection. Even if someone’s active antibody levels to the virus behind covid-19 do fade quickly, it’s possible that their bodies will still marshal a potent, rapid defense against the virus as soon it tries to infect them again. This response might not prevent reinfection, but it should make the second go-around easier to handle.

“I think it’s very reasonable to assume that reinfection would be milder,” Yang said. “Whatever balance of genetic or underlying factors that determined their disease the first time will probably be the same. And they will additionally have a head start in terms of whatever immune responses were used to clear the infection in the first place, either antibodies or T cells.”

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